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Concept of Mahatma:

Nov 13, 2000 08:47 AM
by Arthur E. Gregory

--- In, "Peter Merriott" <nous@b...> 
> > Words can only cover so much Peter, but this is to me an
> > example of the genius of Madame Blavatskaya and we can
> > appreciate it in its own right.
> Yes, I agree with you, Art. The whole of the Secret Doctrine 
from which
> this passage comes is an example of the "genius" of HPB and 
the Mahatmas who
> together produced that work.

Thanks for your insights Peter.... I think I would differ with you on 
the concept of "Mahatmas" as it is usually understood in 
theosophic circles. To me the Mahatmas of the early 
theosophic movement are very close to spirit guides in the 
Spiritualist movement and that's just the way I see it. many of the 
early theosophists were spiritualists and frequented seances 
and this tinged the Mahatma concept with a kind of flavor that to 
me has thrown many of our most valuable contributions into 
disrepute. I would urge the classical concept of Mahatma as a 
great soul or Siddhi an accomplished, perfected being that is 
understood in India/Tibet as opposed to the quasi spirit guides 
of our theosophic antecedents in the TS.

- Art

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