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Re: Theos-World Re: The Great Sacrifice:

Nov 12, 2000 06:23 PM
by Compiler


Thanks, of course, yes, according to the teaching, there is only so far that one
could reach, no matter how high, in the system we are presently in on this
planet. I was only speaking from the point of view of the infinite progress of
humanity, such as that described, from planet to planet, from solar system to
solar system, and so on and on, in an endless series of manvantaras, and
prayalas, and rounds, and races in them all, after all the ones of this
particular system are long since gone through and experienced and terminated --
since we are eternal while every one of these cyclic processes have both a
beginning and an ending.


Nick Weeks wrote:

> From: "Compiler" <>
> > It is this student's understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong and way off
> > base, that the teachings tell us that each of us can, in time, if we put in
> the
> > long and hard and steady effort, with no end to the process and no real top
> of
> > the heap to be reached in self-development, expand our consciousness to
> know
> > everything on every plane of this planet, and then expand it to even take
> in
> > all that here is to know of this solar system, and to expand it still to
> take
> > in all that there is to know within a cluster of solar systems, and then
> even
> > of a whole galaxy, and then a cluster of galaxies, and so on with no end in
> > sight. If this is possible to each unit...
> Mahatma Letter 22 (and another place or two) mentions that even the greatest
> adepts and Bodhisattvas have never "penetrated themselves" beyond the solar
> system.
> There may be an unlimited accretion of knowledge & wisdom within a plane(s)
> possible in our future evolution, but the fields or planes which we may know
> are probably limited to those types of matter/spirit of which we can be aware
> during any manvantara. The notion of unlimited expansion of consciousness
> may not even be necessary, considering the hierarchical arrangement of the
> universe.
> Nicholas

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