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About my message Sent to "60 Minutes"

Nov 13, 2000 07:49 AM
by Compiler

Since they had the show last night about a "vaccination" problem and
controversy that is brewing (concerning babies and the vaccination in
question), I sent a message to them via a "form" after clicking on the
"contact" link at (in the "60 Minutes" section of the many
sections that they have). Maybe others on this list might also try to
spur them into checking Theosophy out in some way, on this particular
subject, and maybe on other subjects also. I'm not much at letter
writing, but you will find below a copy of what I composed in my attempt
to catch their interest. I'm sure others who care to can do much much
better at giving them things to consider checking out and investigating,
on this as well as on endless other subjects.

On the overall subject of "Vaccinations", in honorable service to all of
humanity, which has many more illnesses now than it ever had BEFORE
vaccinations ever came onto the scientific scene, you may want to spend
some time checking out the information in this particular series of
articles, for starters.

And may I also suggest that all the experts at CBS go to the "Main Page"
to see the mission and purpose for this web site. CBS, in general,
overall, could bring this universal body of knowledge into the public
dialogue on an endless number of subjects in very important service to

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