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Re: Theos-World Re: No-Thing

Nov 12, 2000 10:20 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Dear Sherab,

Very cool.


A particle of light has no mass whatsoever. There is no time for it.

Thanks so much. You have enriched us all.


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Subject: Theos-World Re: No-Thing

> Please pardon my jumping in here but this happens to be where a big 
> wrestling match is taking place in my mind and this discourse is too 
> rich to not participate in.
> > 
> > I've seen that Krishnamurti expained carefully that a thing is an 
> event with a beginning and and end in spacetime.
> > 
> > No-thing is not something. "No-event" is not "some-event".
> > 
> Ok, I will go along with this definition.
> > If each particle has it's anti-particle. If each reaction has
> > it's reaction then everything, every event, in sum, cancels out. 
> A particle is substance by its very appearance as phenomena and would 
> therefore have some mass and corresponding gravimetric attraction. 
> Might an anti-particle have some negative mass and exhibit some type 
> of anti-gravity? There is something pushing the universe apart into 
> manvantara. Now consider this.
> Lord Maitreya, is attributed with teaching, 
> "Nothing exists apart from the mind.
> Awareness eventually comes to realize this."
> HPB teaches, "Consciousness is the highest form of energy."
> Thought is a phenomena, energy, that arises in awareness. Awareness 
> has intelligence, and various forms of knowing wisdom. Awareness is 
> and is not the thought, but it can not be separated from the form of 
> the thought. This awareness has intelligence and is capable of 
> choosing to impede a thought or not. When, the thought is impeded, 
> wrestled around and molded with desire that thought is imbued with an 
> imprint of spiritual substance. Thus the thought form lives, grows, 
> blossoms into a new universe and eventually the spirit awakens and 
> feels the longing for its home in the same manner that a child longs 
> for its mother. What is its point of view? Would you not be its God?
> I am not aware that HPB went on to analyze mind much but certainly 
> she pointed the way with her rendition of the "Voice of Silence." 
> >We are consciousness working on a model of "reality" formed 
> >by obedience to the one law, are we not.
> This is great. So well put. We are the ripening fruit of our karma, 
> individually and collectively.
> >What happens when we finally understand everything?
> > 
> > Perhaps that's while the Chesire cat is smiling.
> > 
> There is nothing left to be done. We are all going to arrive at the 
> same time. The snake is eating its tail, the pelican feeds its young 
> from its own breast, the Buddha is smiling, and we will experience 
> THAT in all its glorious emptiness. The Chesire cat is still smiling.
> Sherab

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