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Re: No-Thing

Nov 13, 2000 10:03 AM
by Sherab Dorje


Thanks for all of your contributions through which mind is so 
stimulated. Here is my question back to you.

> A particle of light has no mass whatsoever. There is no time for 

But apparently it does, as the astronomers have measured and recorded 
the bending of star light as photons pass the vicinity of large 
massive objects such as a star. And also we must ask how could light, 
if there is no mass, being drawn inescapably into a black hole?

This mechanical law of matter is apparently in accord with the 
Theosophical Doctrine of Pralaya. Pralaya being the withdrawl of all 
manifestion, Manvatara, into non-being, the uncreated where awaiting 
the karmic impulse to once again awaken and be drawn forth. I think 
that another analogy can be drawn between the in breathing of Pralaya 
and the out breathing of Manvantara with the microcosmic pranic 
breath or winds that pulse through these bodies that we call ours.

However, there may be other ways to look at light and consider, than 
the western science of physics normally contends with. For instance, 
the light that appears within the mind as a dream or a vision of some 
objects? What of the light of a thought? I believe that there is some 
kind of awareness, that could be considered as a kind of light that 
may not be totally insubstantial and yet totally transcendental. In 
my experience this is where light is not bound by time or space.


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