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Theos-World Thanks Kat and Happy Divali!

Oct 28, 2000 00:43 AM
by Kathleen Arc

Dear ARt -- Thanks so much for KNOWING which book to which i referred. You
will find it totally VISUAL and I do still INTEND it being a film. And I
would LOVE to be involved in its creation. Around the time I showed a
too-early, too-earnest version of the script all over
Hollywood...Spielberg came out with "Raiders"...It was close in adventure
-- but obviously the time was not yet RIPE for THAT particular work. It
works so well because on multi-levels...ALSO I created a literary device
for some of the more INTERNAL moments in the book. My 5th draft was real
close by Hollywood types were "bored" with my idea by then, and -- you MAY
NOT BELIEVE THIS -- the day I FINISHED the last draft, a 50 foot tree fell
on my head, neck and back in the Commissary garden at 20th Century Fox,
significantly ending my production career.

I always felt it was G*d's way of saying, "WRONG WAY" at the time. I had a
lot of INTERNAL movement to make before I could properly create a film on a
spiritual level. Well a lot of work has been done. And I got "retired"
this past year. And I have brought from US 5 writing projects to complete.
So .....Destiny calls....

Please give me your thoughts on the book when you're ready.

Meanwhile...we have lovely owls here in our 10 acres above a tiny woods
just above a huge lake -- Our little owls sound like banshees in the middle
of the night....our cats know to keep well hidden. It's a wilderness at
night for them. I heard "something" cry out last night and our faithful dog
went running to do battle. 

This is an extraordinary antique land with a 500 year old castle in sight
and the intense energies of ancient etruscans still palpable. Isn't it
strange to be transplanted all in a twinkling?! I still am attempting to
plant myself and LEARN a new language. It is not easy ''water over stone"
indeed. I have promised myself in spring to go to classes -- I thought i
could simply absorb it like osmosis....wellllll something's still missing
in that part of this brain!  

Love, Kat in Italy

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