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Re: Thanks Kat and Happy Divali!

Oct 28, 2000 09:37 AM
by arthra999

Well Kat you certainly DO have a story! 

I can't top that... I must say...

When you were talking about Point Loma, it occurred to me that 
Ojai is also not far away. I was told that the hills near Ojai were 
used in Lost Horizons as a backdrop.

Now I looked closely at those hills and then watched the old 
movie and couldn't tell...

I guess some of those old bungalows at Ojai were possibly 
there when Krishnamurti stayed there...

Anyway I liked your story...again. Maybe it was providential and 
all since you are near that five hundred year old castle.

My wife and I had a misfortune some years ago and ended up in 
the Holy Land in Haifa largely because of it and had a great time! 
Maybe your case was like that.

- Art

-- In, Kathleen Arc <KArc@c...> wrote:
> Dear ARt -- Thanks so much for KNOWING which book to 
which i referred. You
> will find it totally VISUAL and I do still INTEND it being a film. 
And I
> would LOVE to be involved in its creation. Around the time I 
showed a
> too-early, too-earnest version of the script all over
> Hollywood...Spielberg came out with "Raiders"...It was close in 
> -- but obviously the time was not yet RIPE for THAT particular 
work. It
> works so well because on multi-levels...ALSO I created a 
literary device
> for some of the more INTERNAL moments in the book. My 5th 
draft was real
> close by Hollywood types were "bored" with my idea by then, 
and -- you MAY
> NOT BELIEVE THIS -- the day I FINISHED the last draft, a 50 
foot tree fell
> on my head, neck and back in the Commissary garden at 20th 
Century Fox,
> significantly ending my production career.

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