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RE: Theos-World Regarding the Kalamass quotation:

Oct 24, 2000 03:07 AM
by Tony

Art writes:
<<<My concern is that theosophy not become a religion with holy scripture
from Blavatsky or Bailey or etc. You can see the danger in this by the
references ro authority.
- Arthur Gregory
"Nothing is higher than Mount Meru nor anything more expansive than the sky.
Similarly know that no Dharma is equal to Ahimsa in this world."

- Bhakta-Parijna: 91>>>

Presumably you quote Bhakta-Parijna: 91, because you agree with it, and also
you know that it is in no way authoritive?

Is it the case that there is not anything more expansive than the sky? What
about the inner Kosmos or Mahat? Is there anywhere that spirit isn't?
Something may have even got lost or changed in the translation?

And can we be certain that there is no Dharma equal to Ahimsa
(non-violence?) this world? What about compassion - suffering - for


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