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Theosophy should be for free inquiry and views:

Oct 23, 2000 06:19 PM
by arthra999

--- In, "Nick Weeks" <nick.weeks@a...> 
> Art:
> > Leadbeater in his book on the afterlife comments that we 
build towers
> > that separate us from reality and there are windows through 
which the
> > light of truth can be filtered. As the astral and thought bodies 
> > dissolved we are in essence our subtle etheric monadic 
form withou
> > tower or windows. You can see an anology here i think to 
those who
> > build a tower of theosophic thought forms around 
themselves and will
> > only allow a few rays of truth to brighten their cells... this is 
> > I would warn against.
> Accepting for argument's sake that CWL knew what he was 
talking about, could
> not his "towers" of thought forms also be built of Weeks-ic 
thought forms or
> Gregory-ic thought forms? Ignoring external authority by 
replacing with it
> with our personal authority seems profitless.
> Fare Thee Well,
> Nicholas Weeks


Thanks Nicholas!

Yes I agree.

My concern was stated earlier and I hope it was clearly stated 
that Theosophy should be for open inquery and not a kind of 
orthodoxy that suppresses argument or other views. 


Arthur Gregory


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