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Re: Theos-World Conflicting views allegedly from the same source.

Oct 23, 2000 09:08 PM
by ramadoss

When EL Gardner's pamphlet was published, it did indeed make many serious
students of theosophy inquire into the issues raised in it. Soon a pamphlet
was published defending CWL by some of those who implicitly believed in his
infallibility in regard to the LCC. (I have a copy somewhere and when I
find it I will list the title and signatories).

There are some interesting questions with regard to the LCC issue.
Krishnaji who was to prepared for the World Teacher Role never knew
anything about these details; nor, as far as I know, was ordained as a
minister, bishop or pope in LCC. There is also the fact that while Lord
Maitreya when he came to India as Shri Krishna, did not have have the
apostles as happened when He came as Lord Christ. Why would this style be
repeated as propounded by CWL. Did CWL's prior training in Anglican Church
color his perceptions? BTW, LCC was never popular within the TS(Adyar)
among native Indian members. Those mostly attracted were westerners who
grew up in traditional Christian Church Enviornment.


At 09:17 PM 10/23/2000 +0100, Peter Merriott wrote:
>Yes, it is good to be tolerant towards the views of others. It is also good
>to discriminate.
>Below is a passage from E.L. Gardners little pamphlet, "There is no Religion
>Higher than Truth" (T.P.H. 1963). It highlights some of the problems
>concerned with conflicting teachings meant to be from the same source and
>the genuine need to be aware of them and reflect deeply upon the
>implications. The booklet itself is a very thoughtful treatise by someone
>who showed no interest in 'bashing' others in his writings.

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