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Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Oct 23, 2000 10:10 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Frank, please see below.  I will mention my understanding of what she is writing.  My understanding grows as I continue to study.
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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Gene, may be. HPB called that Jesuitism. For me a half truth is a full lie.
Respondant: Generally:  There is a Hermetic statement that all "truth" is but half-truth and the equal and opposite is also "truth"(half-truth).  Specifically:  Her statements do not appear to be half-truths in the way you seem to mean.  And if they were, for the sake of argument,  certainly a half truth is not a full lie, just frustrating when it's "mate", the other half truth is not yet known to the student . . . . giving the full truth, the full cycle, (that part of the statement that involves us and gets our attention and that part that leads us to liberation.)
When Bailey f.e. writes:
"The Law of Attraction... deals with the ability of the Logos to 'love wisely' in the occult sense of the term. Ithas relation to the polarization of the Logos in His astral body, and produces the phenomenon called 'sex activity' (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 721).
Respondant:  Here she is writing in the standard symbolic language about either a planetary logos(a previous humanity which has become cooperative and group-conscious through love) or a solar logos(seven major planetary logoi who have joined their group consciousnesses synthetically in service to the will of a solar logos).
If she is referring to the latter, a solar logos, probably our solar logos, then she is referring to the macrocosmic being who is developing love-wisdom on top of the previously developed Intellectual Activity.  This macrocosmic being functions as a cosmic personality on the cosmic mental,  cosmic astral and cosmic etheric physical planes(states of consciousness) and has already developed an intelligently active etheric body in a previous solar system and is now developing a loving and wise astral body in this solar system.  The first solar system is referred to as feminine(using the term as occultly understood) and this present solar system is referred to as masculine, again only in the esoteric sense and context.  So He is the god of love or the heart chakra of an even greater cosmic being of which he is a part, one major chakra of seven major chakras.  Sex and love are used synonomously with theterm sex meaning physical love or physical attraction(cosmic or microcosmic) and refers to the cosmic electric attraction between the will and the substance aspects as He gathers towards Him that which He needs in order to serve the greater whole just as we all try to do.  This is all symbolic, not to be taken literally.
Together, we as a humanity, are the microsmic equivalent to our solar logos(the holographic cosomolgy paradigm) and form a personality on the mental, astral and etheric physical planes(states of consciousness) and are indeed made in the same image but are like atoms relative to the immense body of the solar logos.  The solar logos is also like an atom to the body of the immense being to which it too forms a tiny part, and onward and onward towards immensity and backward and backward toward tiny-insity.  The pattern repeats over and over.  Each form, each personality is one of many which together form a chakra, one of seven major chakras, within the personality of a great being and that great being is one of many forming a still greater chakra. And each one of us is a great being to the tiny atoms of our body and each atom is a great being to it's tiniest parts.  The pattern repeats to infinity in either direction.  Of all the numbers within the infinite continous sea of numbers, which is the greater?
So Alice is writing, as dicated to, to seems to me, symbolically, in order to teach.  As above, so below.  We get some information as if it is about our psychology.  We get some information as if is about some doings of the great and powerful solar logos, the god of love, as referred to in the scriptures, this is all teaching technique meant to start the student thinking and self educating.  It may seem, at first, like madness, but there seems to me to be method to it. This is all pantheism both subjective and objective.  It is not meant to be understood in the exoteric sense as some "god" outside of the ongoing creative process looking onward as his creation goes stumbling forward or backword.  It is the expert employment of standard and proved teaching techniques to get one thinking for one's self, and it works for some and doesn't work for others.  It is especially to be remembered that there is no god.  There are only gods.  Any mention of god is the mention of some major chakra in some being whether cosmic, microcosmic, etc.  If any of these major chakras within some grand and cosmic being, itself an individual within some grand cosmic humanity forming a yet greater chakra, are worshipped and singled out then one has a potentially disruptive idolatry brewing.  The monthesim of Egypt was not the worship of the one God.  It was the worship of the one favorite God of that city or nation with other cities or nations worshipping other of the seven gods.  Some worshipped the God of Intelligent Activity; some the God of Love; some the God of Will; and all the permutations thereof.  There is the Hidden Deity which is no "God" but a deep and hidden mystery, the synthesis of all the seven gods like the white light of all the colors when synthesized back together and that Hidden Deity is not subject to worship.  It is this hidden deity that Alice is NOT referring to.  She is referring to a chakra, one of seven, whether or not it is one of ours, the solar logos' or the great Parabramam, Itself, once again, a major chakra within a still greater being.  The scholar must integrate all this material and all these infinite states of consciousness into the One Total Unconditioned Consciousness and Bare Subjectivity and thereby achieve enlightenment andthis is for each one of us to do whether it is the tiny lord of an atom in our body, a human being, the solar logos, the cosmic logos or the Great and Grand Poo-paa of ALL TIME and ALL SPACE.  We are all in this nirvanva/samsara TOGETHER.   
My humble questions to you:
1. Does this quote show that AAB believed in a personel God or not?
Opinion only, answer:  It definitely does not unless one understands Teilhard De Chardin's perspective which is a modern pantheism that insists on a personal god.  But this is a pantheistic personal god.  This is the great consciousness of our perfected humanity at the level of the Masters, our Atmic Plane, The Christ. This is the perfected expression of our planetary logos which is a now group conscious previous humanity and our goal in life.  Pantheism, pantheism, pantheism. 
2. If not, why she refers to the Logos as a he, even with a capital H?
She refers to our Solar Logos whois has already developed Intelligent Activity and is evolving, on His own planes, and expressing Love-Wisdom through Intelligent Activity. Our God is a god of Love.  In esoteric philosophy the present solar system is a love-wisdom system and is termed Masculine  as opposed to Intelligent Activity through Substance(the Deva Kingdom) which is referred to as feminine and this Intelligent Activity is the "Holy Ghost aspect" and the Substance the the Divine Virgin Matter.  The feminine or deva kingdom has been subjected to the creative Intelligent Activity of the first solar system, the Cosmic Personality has been formed.  Now, presently, in this new solar system the personality is to be subservient to the expression of Cosmic Love-Wisdom.
(Kiss me Kate!)  The Cosmic Soul is pouring through the Cosmic Personality.  There is resistence and hence Light from the previous pattern of Intelligent Activity but Love-Wisdom will prevail.
3. Many balck magicians are seeking to gain "powers" by practise sex magic, like O.T.O., Crowley, Leadbeater. Isthe argument of Bailey that
the Logos is connected with sex activity the "occult" rationale for the sahdow Brothers?
Answer:  (I am surprised that Leadbeater is considered a black magician.  I thought he was a good human being with some "bad" taboo-ed habits begging for enlightenment.)  Sexual activity in the context that you present like all activity is an Intelligent Activity and serves a purpose in Nature.  There are two choices withall Intelligent Activity.  To use the Intelligent Activity for personal selfish gain, at times appropriate, or, rather to use the Intelligent Activity from Transpersonal perspectives, altruistically.  Sex used for the benefit of the world would be white magic; sex used for selfish purposes would be black magic.  Once again it all boils down to motive, whether altuistic or inappropriately selfish and at the expense of other beings.  Now.  I can't judge the motives of Leadbeater.  I can't judge the motives of even myself with any complete certainty so I ain't gonna attempt to judge the motives of the Solar Logos.  I can see no reason to get concerned that the Solar Logos, the so-called god of love, is kinky and into sex magic, that would be for His Peers to deal with, the other Solar Logoi.  Each one of us, microcosmic or macrocosmic, is subject to the centripetal and centrifugal forces of Life(Father-Mother), harmonized at the Buddhic plane, whether microcosmic or macrocosmic.  The choice is ours and I suppose the choice is up to Him.  I'll do the best with my own choices and if He wants my advice then He can ask me.  I'm not holding my breath until that time.
Frank, dear Intelligent and loving Frank.  Stay on guard.  Stay sceptical. And let your light and wisdom and light shine through the dark night of our ignorance.  None of us will learn anything worth knowing unless we question everything. Then at a certain time one can relax and truely understand.  It is all love and each one of us is that love.  The intellect and the scientists will lag behind the intuition but the sure way is the better way.   If I haven't explained things sufficiently then this is due to my own confusion and inability.  I continue to try to understand and share as best I can and I have that evil shadow within and of which I must remain aware of and restate to it:  Love, baby, love is the answer.  (So transcendent as to be an answer barely acceptable.)  But the Beatles sang this to the world so it must be true!  You may have all the evidence you need to disregard me as trying to learn but too confused to be of much interest.  This is o.k.  This may be true.  But if interested please ask very pointed and sharp questions and I'll do my best.(Gene)
It seems that the idea of a personal god is o.k. and not in conflict with HPB as long as there is a mature theological understanding, pantheistic, of a personal god, such as taught in the writings of Teilhard De Chardin.  All conflicts of this nature are resolvable in understanding the perspective of the other.

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