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Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Oct 18, 2000 08:55 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Yes. I have found the Bailey work to be much more compatible with
artists/intuitives/psychologists/anthropologists and HPB's work better for
scientists/physicists/political leaders. HPB confronts the exoteric
objective world view. AAB/DK re-affirms the subjective world view, the
basis of the objective world view. HPB was a dynamic leader and
intellectual and Bailey/DK a scholar/teacher. HPB wrote that anyone who
can harmonize the conflict between the philosophies of Leibniz and Spinoza
will have the whole spirit of esoteric philosophy. She writes that Leibniz
was an objective pantheist and Spinoza a subjective pantheist. Leibniz's
philosophy is the basis for Superstring theory; Spinoza's, the transpersonal
soul knowledge behind the scenes, intuitive, beyond all actual thought. The
objective world view is a work in progress. It is evolving. The subjective
world view has been in place for thousands and thousands of years and is not
a matter of opinion but the product of deduction from the self-evident truth
that lives in the hearts of all (wo)men everywhere. There is simply this.

The Law: Love
The subjective expression
The objective expression


The harmonization of the subjective with the objective, the healing of the
Descartesian divide.


The further expression of this harmony within our personal lives.

The AAB/HBP conflict is in parallel with the subjective world view/objective
world view problem. It is the Higher Self that knows the solution to this
problem. It is simple:(beyond all belief, beyond all possible thought)
Love. Can we find the transpersonal will to do so?


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> Not being the intellectual some of you are, still I would say it is to be
> found in the Bailey work. Kat in Italy

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