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Re: Theos-World Re: Jesus: Another side of the story

Oct 20, 2000 08:08 PM
by Shampan-e-Shindh


Bart Lidofsky wrote: I believe that Jesus was a one of a number of

Essene leaders of the time, and the stories about him got amalgamated
with the stories of many teachers,
No doubt Jesus appreciated all words of wisdom and promoted them, regardless of what the source was.. The deed is more important than who does it. I strongly believe, even John the Baptist was a philosopher who inspired Jesus into deepr digging. And many other concepts like that, but John the Baptist was the only living being Jesus was took seriously as an example for learning from. The stories of Jesus make nice
myths, but when people are running around claiming to be Jesus reborn
(or the new vehicle for the "Christ"), my fraud radar comes on full
There is a misunderstanding, Jesus or any such great teachers are not reborn in the same soul or whatever.. But someone with similar understandings can be born and start following Jesus, which Jesus himself might have done in regards to great teachers before him. And there are fools always who get misled, I do not exclude myself. We are all fools in different ways.

      Some born again Christians use the saying (even if far too many don't
follow it), "What would Jesus do?"

Good point, the ones who utter "offer the other cheek", usually do the slapping and the fools usually follow and offer the other cheek to them, so who is more CHRIST-ian in that cotext? makes me grief.

Gandhi once said, "I love Jesus but I hate christians", Tagore said to Gandhi his show of "placidity" was too politically motivated to be pure.


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