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Oct 19, 2000 05:39 PM
by Shampan-e-Shindh

The laser vision (I have no idea why it is called so)...
basically it is like an X-ray. Where the scrtips were a bit
scratchy or the writings looked less or more darkness/faded than
the rest, they tried to see if anyone did some wrtitings on top
of the previous writings. What appears from the rough vision they
had was, most of the time it was text written where the old text
had faded, sometimes there is a sign of what might be called the
premitive "liquid ink", but no one can be sure if the new text
has been changed.

There is where the scholars have disagreed with one another.
There were about 15 different narrators, and I could be almost
certain only 5 are who believe in .. the unknown (let us leave it
at that).

So their description/assessment of the genuinity of the existing
scripts, compared to various other historical records/ other
scripts was very neutral. Jesus was about 30% of contents in the
related discussions.

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