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Oct 19, 2000 05:25 PM
by Dallas Tenbroeck

Oct 19th 2000

ABORTION, etc...

Dear Katinka:

Since we study Theosophy together I thought you would be
interested in what HPB who launched the doctrines had to say. I
quoted a part of her article/answer.

It is a statement of occult fact and not argumentative.

Nor do I argue. We are all aware of current views. But which of
those are valid and can stand the test of a long-time existence.
Facts are sometimes very hard to face. If we take it that we are
IMMORTALS in our spiritual self, then we have erred many times in
the past and have survived, and now are getting wiser. But we
have to be honest with ourselves and not fear our errors. Under
Karma, we will have to set them straight in due course. I would
rather know HOW and WHY.

Most of us hope reincarnation works. But also most of us fear
that it won't, so we adopt a defensive position and try to keep a
foot in either "camp." Is that either sure or possible? Will we
acquire greater certainty?

Apparently Nature has her laws and we are deeply involved in
them. We have been a living part of Nature for an immense period
of time (and we did not even hear of this until relatively
recently in this incarnation. Is it true or is it false? How
can we find out?)

We also have the opportunity of studying them. Like scientists
we are not involved in evaluating credulity (including our likes
and wishes and those of others) but, rather, finding out what is
the truth of things.

Karma either is or isn't. It's not "maybe." Either the SPIRIT
of Man is a permanency or it is not. But, why is it that we
question this? Can any proof be secured? Are we better off
being wise, or being ignorant?

How do we set about defining the truth of any theory, proposition
or even an item taken from History? What faculties have in use
or which do we need? And how do we acquire them? There is no
path to "sudden enlightenment" until the student has pursued the
arduous path of many lives of continuous struggle. "Sudden
Enlightenment" occurs as a final result of such protracted work
and beneficence. Hence Brotherhood is always recommended.

Either the whole of evolution hangs together without fault or the
concept of a hodgepodge will continue to dominate us with its
uncertainties. How do we find stability? What "tools" do we
already possess? What are we absolutely sure of?

I can think of only 3 things I would call certain.

1. I exist and think and ask. I am a form and have
limitations, but I think and can direct my thought as I 'desire.'

2. The Universe consisting of innumerable beings, forms and
forces also exists all around me and interpenetrating me. There
are continuing relationships. There is an ocean of law, and also
of apparent chance, accident, and other unknown events which can
fall on us without previous warning. Does this invalidate
Scientific LAWS ?

3. The 3rd certainty is precisely this constant and
multiform interrelationship between the Universe of beings, Life,
Forces, multiple purposes, etc... and :My-Self."

I would conclude that Theosophy is a record of the research down
the ages of man, many students who, finding some LAWS, made notes
of them and passed the information on to others for verification.

It therefore stands (Theosophy) as a kind of guide for us of such
things as were found to have degrees of relationship that
persisted, developed stability and therefore could serve as links
or stepping stones between related and unrelated phenomena,
between the "past" and our "present," with a suspicion that those
relationships might with modifications stretch on into the

We are in a very fortunate position 125 years from the date of
its again being recorded. We can at least, given a couple of
years, peruse the breadth of that PRIMARY SOURCE: the records of
what HPB wrote for the MASTERS OF WISDOM.

It seems to me to very neglectful of the opportunity if we stop
to argue over things for which we have not yet developed a broad
knowledge instead of equipping ourselves with such easily
available information, and thus constitution ourselves valid
students of THEOSOPHY.

Anyone can argue. Few can STUDY.

It takes a lot of persistence and study to master any discipline.
Can we not make of THEOSOPHY a true study? Should we not test it
thoroughly? How can we test it if we have not become thoroughly
familiar with it ?

I only quoted to you fragments of what HPB wrote. Go to the
original article, for which I gave references. If you cannot
access it through BLAVATSKY.NET, then let me know and I will send
you a copy by mail.

Well, this is all I am able to think of for the moment. Best
wishes, as always,


D. T. B.

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I am sure you don't mean it this way, but your argument sounds a
lot like:
take life as it is and don't change what you don't like - and/or
good. Sounds like: don't act, because you have to deal with the
Point is (in my opinion) that a pregnant woman or adolescent has
to act
anyhow and one of the ways of facing the difficulty of the
of having an unwanted child - is not having it.

Abortion is in my opinion certainly not a positive choice. On the
hand, if a pregnant 16-year old realistically knows that she
cannot yet
take care of any child, I think she has the right to consider
Having to take care of a child growing up is an immense
Takes at least 18 years before the responsibility becomes less. I
that Karma will take her motive and circumstances into account.
It is
obvious that she should not have had unprotected sex in the first
but dealing with the consequences - abortion does seem one of the
choices. Adoption is also one, of course, but that is another


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