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Re: Theos-World Hitler

Oct 18, 2000 05:08 PM
by Todd Lorentz

Hi Gene,

That is my understanding also. The Black Lodge uses a form of
"overshadowing" which infringes, in a subtle way, upon the freewill of the
individual. The White Lodge has more "restrictions" on their opportunities
because they will not infringe upon the freewill of individuals. In either
case, the individual needs to be advanced or sensitive enough (initiate or
near-initiate) to maintain any form of contact or influence.


At 08:05 AM 18/10/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>My understanding is that both Hitler and Stalin were personalities of
>Initiates of high standing in the Black Lodge. There are Initiates of White
>Magic and Black Magic are there not?
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>> Shampan,
>> Hitler and Stalin were the greatest mass murders in the 20th Century.
>> has killed around 6 Millions, Stalins is said to have executed 70-100
>> Millions.

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