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Oct 17, 2000 11:14 PM
by Shampan -e-Shindh

Dear List,

I do not believe in any such layer of spiritual prmotion, be it 7th
or 2nd. However, I do realize some scholars might have used such 
expressions to ease the explanation procedures. I am not sure how 
acceptable they are, as one scholar might disagree with the others 
regarding a particular individual reaching certain level.

Stalin, I did not do much reading upon. Hitler, did a bit .. both 
main-stream and counterparts. I do not follow the man or agree with 
any of his views, being dark-skinned myself, it is unlikely. The 
greatest problem with analysing Hitler is reliability of information 
recorded. As you know, after a political conflict, the victors or 
triumphants write the history. 

There is something to admire in everyone. Hitler's motive or actions 
or goal or beliefs can always be questioned. Some might classify him 
as insane, mad etc. How many politicians do you know who openly 
express their opinion? He was always politicially incorrect (in views 
of political caricature or complications), in that sense he was a 
simple man(not a double talker, back-stabber). He was almost 
non-diplomatic. He was naive in the trickeries of politics. There are 
politicians who did much worse, but never got caught, Hitler was too 
straight forward in a certain sense to be "not caught red-handed". 

Do you really believe Hitler was doing all to make money for himself? 
To gain power for himself? Does it not seem he was in a dis-agreeable 
belief, but his final motive was not so "self"-oriented?.. Which I 
find hard to find in most politicians today, yesterday or ever.

However I might dislike Hitler's view, I consider him misled. But I 
doubt any of his deeds were rooted by selfishness.

The pebble your nose hits when you fall is not the rock that made you 

To put all guilt on Hitler is like, a teacher who punishes a boy who 
screamed in the class and hit the boy sitting behind him without a 
cause, but there was a cause the teacher did not know, the naughty
behind the screaming boy gave him a pin-prick, and the naughty boy 
knew exactly how the naive boy would react.

Do I like Hitler? Of course not. But I do not consider him any worse 
than anyone else.

Ashes and Diamonds
Foes and Friends
We are all equal in the end.
..........and again my motto,
Love for all 
Great and Small (who ever, however)
Eqaully and impartial

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