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Re: Theos-World Hitler

Oct 18, 2000 03:38 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hitler and Stalin were the greatest mass murders in the 20th Century. Hitler
has killed around 6 Millions, Stalins is said to have executed 70-100
Both taught oral and written that murder the enemy is just.
How can anyone who is studying Esoteric/Theosophy/Spiritual doctrines for
one moment believe that such things are coming from one you is initiated or
has some imagined "degree" of an imagined "hierarchy"??
What are the hidden voices and the background powers who spread such insande
thoughts? Is that a kind of remote thought control from Rome?

>Dear List,
>I do not believe in any such layer of spiritual prmotion, be it 7th
>or 2nd. However, I do realize some scholars might have used such
>expressions to ease the explanation procedures. I am not sure how
>acceptable they are, as one scholar might disagree with the others
>regarding a particular individual reaching certain level.
>Stalin, I did not do much reading upon. Hitler, did a bit .. both
>main-stream and counterparts. I do not follow the man or agree with
>any of his views, being dark-skinned myself, it is unlikely. The
>greatest problem with analysing Hitler is reliability of information
>recorded. As you know, after a political conflict, the victors or
>triumphants write the history.

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