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Another article about HPB & Alice Bailey

Oct 17, 2000 08:24 AM
by compiler

Consider this link a continuation of the subject, but presented by 
another Theosophical author, of the mesage and link that I first
posted on the subject, and which is found below:


In, Compiler <compiler@w...> wrote:
> Todd,
> This link that I recently found may or may not be disturbing or
helpful to you
> and others on this list -- that is up to each for him or herself.
> searching for the true nature of reality requires an open mind and
nerves of
> steel when our personal beliefs and our likes and dislikes are
presented with
> conflicting material. With this said, I want the reader to know
that many
> years ago, soon after running into Theosophy, I also ran into Alice
> books. I bought all of the books by both HPB and Alice Bailey and
began my
> studies, reading and studying them all. After a few years I found
that the
> Alice Bailey stuff, the actual teachings and philosophy itself, did
not ring
> true for me. Please understand that it was not the good-work aspect
of her
> teachings from a "Serving Humanity" point of view, just the overall
> Philosophy. In the end I dropped the Alice Bailey material. It was
only many
> years later that, as said, I ran into this article, which touched
upon most of
> the things that did not ring true to me. So I present it here for
everyone to
> deal with it as they will:
> Compiler
> -------
> Todd Lorentz wrote:
> > Hello,
> > >
> > >> According to C.W. Leadbeater, the place of the Christ in the
> > >Lodge
> > >> was the place of a Boddhisatva, a human being near to the
> > >perfection
> > >of
> > >> a Buddha. But, I donīt know if HPB said something about the
> > >"grade"
> > >of
> > >> the Christ. Did she do it? What did she said?
> > >>
> > >> Shouldnīt we consider the Christ, in accordance to what he
> > >in
> > >the
> > >> Bible, as an Avatara?
> >
> > For interest's sake:
> > Benjamin Creme's Master has stated that Maitreya is a 7th
> > initiate and that the Buddha is an 8th degree initiate. Maitreya
and the
> > Buddha both appear at the Wesak festival where the energy from
the Buddha
> > (Will of God) is transferred to Maitreya and blended by Maitryea
with the
> > energy of Love which He embodies. The Buddha acts as an
> > between the Hierarchy (with Maitreya at its Head in the Office of
> > Christ) and Shamballa.
> > Maitreya is the "World Teacher" for this age and sits at the
head of the
> > Hierarchy as the "Eldest" of the *Human* family. The Buddhist's
have His
> > name right and expect the fifth Buddha, Maitreya, to return from
> > Tushita Heaven. While the Buddha is "more advanced", so to
speak, than
> > Maitreya, He evolved originally along the moon chain, whereas,
Maitreya is
> > an evolutionary product of the earth chain.
> > Further, Jesus was a senior initiate (4th degree initiate) who
> > overshadowed by Maitreya for the last three years of his life -
from the
> > Baptism to the Crucifixion. As Alice Bailey recounts in "From
Bethlehem to
> > Calvary", the life of Jesus demonstrated (among other things) the
> > major initiations for Mankind. The fourth was demonstrated by
Jesus in the
> > "Great Renunciation" on the cross. It was Maitreya who further
> > demonstrated the fifth - The Ascension - using the body of Jesus,
and later
> > spoke with the disciples saying to "look for the water bearer"
(the age of
> > Aquarius) and that He would return at the end of the Age
(foretelling the
> > return of Maitreya at this time).
> >
> > Todd
> >

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