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Jesus in Tibet/Kashmir...

Oct 17, 2000 08:46 AM
by Arthur Gregory

The Ahmaddiyah belief about Jesus originated with the movement's
founder who located a shrine in Srinagar believed to be according to
the local tradition the tomb of Jesus. This occurred near the end of
the nineteenth century. 

Interestingly, this shrine contains what are said to be a carving of
the feet of Jesus with what are said to be the wounds of the
crucifixion. The symbol of the feet are common in early Buddhist
shrines as well as symbolic of Vishnu and ask the believer to postulate
in hulmility to the feet of the saint. That these "feet' have what
appear to be additional moonshaped markings is intriguing. Another
interesting aspect to the shrine is that it would otherwise appear to
be that of a Muslim saint from outward appearances. So the shrine
itself seems to combine several forms of religious traditions that
normally one would not expect to be in one place.

Also there is a long tradition in Islam that Jesus somehow escaped the
crucifixion, this is found in the Qu'ran. Some apocryphal Gospels tend
I believe to support this view.

Most recently in the Passover Plot by Hugh Schonfield you will find a
possible outcome of the drama of the crucifixion.

Perhaps the best and most definitive book on the subject is "Jesus in
Heaven and on Earth" by Khwaja Nazir Ahmad. He really does a excellent
job in cataloging the eastern materials and dealing with various

I've also run across the Crucifixion as viewed by Eyewitness material
and this comes by way of some theosophists, interestingly who published
a possible scenario not unlike that of Hugh Schonfield.

I think it's an interesting area to study and as the threads are
sometimes rather thin, I'm not always convinced of how realible it all
is but there seems to be some probability in it.

Apollonius of Tyana is interesting because he did make it to India with
a disciple with relative ease within a generation of the time of
Christ, traditionally. I personally don't accept the idea that
Apollonius and Christ are the same as some have postulated.

- Art


"Nothing is higher than Mount Meru nor anything more expansive than the sky. Similarly know that no Dharma is equal to Ahimsa in this world."

- Bhakta-Parijna: 91

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