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Re: Theos-World Sightings of UFOs are throughout ancient literature

Oct 08, 2000 11:23 AM
by roberthutwohl

Dear Kate and all,

Clearly flying saucer-like flying machines are mentioned in the Sanskrit
version of Indiaıs two oldest itihâsas or historical treatises, the Râmâyana
and the large Mahâbhârata (such as in the Drona Parva chapter). In those
books, the flying machines are called ³vimânas² or the mythical chariots of
the gods (also called celestial cars) and I have found this term and its
description variously throughout several chapters of these great texts. The
Mahâbhârata though is describing the great war between the earliest Aryan or
original Asian-Indian subcontinent people, whose land stretched from
southern Russia southward to Ceylon (now known today as Srî Lankâ) and parts
which are now submerged as well as other parts of continents, and the
remnants of the Atlanteans embodied as Râkshasas or the evil and demoniacal
remnants of the Atlantean (Sons of the Darkness), who ran counter to the
moral, spiritual Atlanteans (Sons of the Sun). But these vehicles I think,
are of this earth, not from beyond our planet, so we should not call them
extra-terrestrial. They used the power of Vril-force as the main propellant.
(See Sir Edward Bulwer Lyttonıs ³The Coming Race.²)

The fact that they existed at all due to the technology and advancement of a
past race is indicative of their potentiality in manifesting again when
humanity is morally ready for it. The same for unleashing the Vril or
etheric power as an aspect of FOHAT which John Worrell Keely discovered (by
mistake) in Philadelphia around 1872 or so, where he was able to generate a
force exhibiting a pressure of 2,000 pounds per square inch (and even at
times 20,000 pounds/sq. in.).

One question to be applied is whether the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion,
Who are humanityıs protectors and guides, would allow the entry in to our
own world-system from other systems, other units of consciousness from other
worlds which could possibly disrupt the evolutionary progress or balance,
i.e. spriritually-mentally-physically? However, I have no doubts about the
necessity of other forms of consciousness inhabiting other globes, spheres,
worlds, and stars. The economy of nature and the intent of
divine-intelligent Impulse from the level of divine-substance or the ONE
ELEMENT would prohibit otherwise.

Blavatskyıs The Secret Doctrine relates some one million years ago in the
far north area of the Gobi sands or Shamo as protecting the Initiates of the
Atlantean (Serpents of Wisdom) who preceded and taught the Aryan race
Adepts. Encounters, karmically or otherwise would naturally ensue from its
ancestor race, the fourth or Atlantean material and immoral branches. Hence
the description of the great war as found in the Mahâbhârata. This region
covered the area known as Arghya Vars[h]a which is of south Tibet to the
Gobi Desert, the region of the Holy Island, which has been a refuge from the
Atlantean, for the Immortals. In fact, the Mahâ-Chohan has, as one of his
honorary titles, that of Arghyanâtha.

Exudences from the Astral Light, the Etheric field just beyond the physical
realm are known to have happened on many occasions and I have no doubts the
phenomena of vimânas from the past can break through the physical envelope
and make themselves temporarily seen and known. People have even seen
sailing ships from long past make their way into the physical realm.

By the means of psychometry, a form of clairvoyance and clairaudience, one
may tap into this memory of nature and witness the unfolding of events long
past the present. But with the aid of elementals, materialisations from the
Astral Light may be presented to those without clairvoyant faculties, and
without even the presence of a medium. In a gist, the original phenomena is
generated as as elementary or desire-thought-form from a human being. Then,
once generated, it is forever stored in the perpetual storehouse or mind of
nature, to be drawn out again by the elemental agency. Hence, the stories
about the Flying Dutchman, a phantom ship seen off the shores of the Cape of
Good Hope, a mâyâ in production, and only a misty reflection of a once
original ship long since gone. The drawing forth into objectivity from the
Astral Light, of flying ships or UFOıs of long past civilisations, is a
possibility. The intelligent agents involved in these manifestations may be
incarnate or disincarnate.

Robert Hütwohl

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> Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 01:35:29 EDT
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> Subject: Re: Theos-World Sightings of UFOs are throughout ancient literature:
> Dear Art,
> What a fascinating post you sent! Can you say where Nicholas Roerich
> mentioned the sighting? I have a great deal of respect for Nicholas Roerich
> and would love to know more about his beliefs in UFOs. Also, can you talk
> more on the Pillars of Asoka?
> Thanks so much!
> Gratefully,
> Kate
> P.S. You have a wonderful name!

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