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Re: Theos-World Sightings of UFOs are throughout ancient literature:

Oct 06, 2000 11:14 AM
by adelasie

Dear Kate,

A friend who is a serious and long time student of "Living Ethics" 
or "Agni Yoga" told me the following, which relates to your 

Nikolas Roerich saw UFO's which were in the area of their 
expedition. Shambala has its own flying sources and Helena 
Reorich traveled in some of them while in Shambala. She and 
Nikolas Roerich were there...INSIDE..They spent some time in the 

I imagine this information comes from the diaries of Helena and 
Nicholas Roerich, which may not be translated into English. At 
least I have never seen them. There is a very interesting book 
published recently by White Mountain Educaton Association in 
Prescott, Arizona, and distributed by the Roerich Museum in 
NYC called, "At the Treshold of the New World: Dreams, 
Visions and Letters of Helena Roerich." I am mostly familiar with 
the Roerichs and their work through accounts by friends and from 
the amazing collection of the paintings of N. Roerich, some of 
which I have been able to see. These two people contributed a 
very large body of teachings of ancient wisdom to the Russian 
people and are held in very high esteem by many. 

On 6 Oct 00, at 1:35, wrote:

Dear Art,

What a fascinating post you sent! Can you say where 
Nicholas Roerich 
mentioned the sighting? I have a great deal of respect 
for Nicholas Roerich 
and would love to know more about his beliefs in UFOs. 
Also, can you talk 
more on the Pillars of Asoka?

Thanks so much!


P.S. You have a wonderful name!

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