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Quotes from Henry Wallace:

Oct 06, 2000 08:10 PM
by Arthur Gregory

"I've always believed that if you envision something that hasn't been,
that can be, and bring it into being, that is a tremendously worthwhile
thing to do."
"Our utopias are the blueprints of our future civilization, and as
such, airy structures though they are, they really play a bigger part
in the progress of man than our more material structures of brick and
steel. the habit of building utopias shows to a degree whether our race
is made up of dull-spirited bipeds or whether it is made up of men who
want to enjoy the fill savoring of existence that comes only when they
feel themselves working with the forces of nature to remake the world
nearer to their heart's desire."
"What we approach is not a new continent but a new state of heart and
mind resulting in new standards of accomplishment. We must invent,
build and put to work new social machinery. This machinery will carry
out the Sermon on the Mount as well as the present social machinery
carries out and intensifies the law of the jungle."  New Frontiers



"If I fail to cry out that I am anti-Communist, it is not because I am
friendly to Communism, but because at this time of growing intolerance
I refuse to join even the outer circle of that band of men who stir the
steaming cauldron of hate and fear."  May 19, 1948


Nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, non-greed, devotion to and service of the elders, austerity and knowledge-these are the auspicious pure flowers. We offer these flowers to the supreme soul by cultivating these good qualities. Offering of these flowers is pure worship.

- Acharya Haribhadra

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