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The pollution at where?? Kursk?/Questions about Russia

Oct 06, 2000 08:54 PM
by Estrella

Hello again to all, just finished to read a whole bunch of mails that i
recieved since last two weeks and just now with little time to comment some of
the interesting subjects dealing here:

By the way, Grigor, Excelent review of Theosophical history!! A lot of
details of Blavatsky's contemporaries and Blavatsky herself that i didn't
knew!. Probably is because of your facility of consulting material directly
from the source (Russia and neighboring nations). Perhaps later you can clarify
me some questions about Blavatsky's toughts and the fascinating subject of the
ocultistic inclinations of the Royal Family of the Romanovs. Thinking about
that, what else can you tell us about Putin? No nice guy he looks, uh?

Since i remembered you had said to me you were a scientist (Physic) wanted
to ask you something that i recently read in a magazine (Don't ask me which, i
don't remember) About the severe pollution problems in a faraway city of
Siberia, i think. I think is close to the east coast, near the archipielag or
The problems of pollution there were mention in the magazine i read, were
SO severe that pepole looked and aged at maturity so young, that looked as if
they had 20 years more of age. kids suffered of leukemia, asthma, allergies and
rashes, and an abnormally rate of cases of cancer and leukemia of every type
were common in the majority of the population. I do not remember what is the
material procesed in the main factory that causes the pollution, but the other
main problem is that the fabric is the main source of jobs in that faraway city
isolated of all, in almost tundra enviroment.

The article i read was about a couple of years ago. please inform me more
of the incident, do you know of the case (As i think you are working on
management of toxic substances as you said) and what is right now the
goverment/particulars doing on the subject.

My homeland city (In the nortwestern state of Baja California) is also
plagued with maquiladora factories.
The major problem with maquiladoras (A type of factory that uses local
hands on assembling everything else foreign, for foreign companies,and plus not
giving a cent to the local comunity they are stablished-plus cases of mysery
salaries and sudden abandons of the land without paying fair benefits to their
former workers) besides the mysery pays to the pepole that are forced to take
these jobs because no other forms of employement are created by local PAN
-right wing- goverment, is the lack-few correct treatment of industrial wastes
used by these factories, generaly dumped wherever they want (Sometimes just in
the garbage, or to the outdoors just as that).

The main problem here is that pepole is not well aware of the problem,
concience has to be made on the pepole, but the goverment does not care,
"scared" of the posiblility that the "oh so glorius maquiladoras" can just ran
away to even poorer and less monitored countries as southeast Asia or that.

Sorry to abuse of the space in this supposed to be "forum" to "spiritual"
stuff, but i tought it was very important. Theosophy is not only of matters of
man wanting to reach God within, but of the matters that concerns to their
suffering brothers and sisters as well.

"If you know something that is useful, you have to tell to your brother
that does not know: the use of this knowledege by him-her, depends on their
responsability and free will."

As far as i know.


P.S. Thinking also about the submarine sank in Russian waters, i think it was a
nuclear sub, What is the goverment gonna do about it? The pressure down there
can be so excesive that the torpedos can be activated or explode??
Grigor, what do you know about this?

Sorry Grigor for consuming so much time. thanks all of you for your patient

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