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"The Sign of Shambhalla!"

Oct 06, 2000 07:59 PM
by Arthur Gregory

"A sunny, unclouded morning- the blue sky is brilliant. Over our camp
flies a hugh, dark vulture. We and our Mongols watch it. Suddenly one
of the Buryat lamas points into the blue sky: "What is it? A white
balloon? An aircraft?"

"We notice something shiny, flying very high, from the northeast to
the south. We bring three pairs of powerful field glasses from the
tents and watch the hugh spheroid body shining against the sun,
clearly visible against the blue sky and moving very fast. Afterwards
we see that it changes direction sharply from south to southwest and
disappears behind the snow-peaked Humboldt chain. The whole camp
follows the unusual apparition, and the lamas whisper: "The Sign of

-From "Heart of Asia, memoirs from the Himalayas" by Nicholas Roerich,
the bottom of page 123. This book was first published in 1929.

Nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, non-greed, devotion to and service of the elders, austerity and knowledge-these are the auspicious pure flowers. We offer these flowers to the supreme soul by cultivating these good qualities. Offering of these flowers is pure worship.

- Acharya Haribhadra

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