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Re: Theos-World technical note on using theos-talk on

Oct 05, 2000 04:27 PM
by Dennis Kier

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From: Eldon Tucker <>
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Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2000 6:01 PM
Subject: Theos-World technical note on using theos-talk on

> The site provides free hosting for mailing lists.
> One thing they do, though, is put a few-line ad in each message
> that is sent out. There is an option where the list manager
> can pay a nominal fee and the ad's won't appear in the messages
> anymore. They mention that once payment is made, it can take
> up to two weeks for the request to be processed. Payment has
> been submitted for the "no ads" option for theos-talk, and we
> should hopefully be -- or soon be -- at a point where there
> won't be any ads in the messages.

I am on another of the egroups that has those adds. They are usually
at the tail end of the messages, and are easy to ignore. I would say
that any payment is a waste. Those adds are easy to ignore, or to
delete when you are replying to a message.

Dennis Kier

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