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technical note on using theos-talk on

Oct 03, 2000 06:01 PM
by Eldon Tucker

The site provides free hosting for mailing lists.
One thing they do, though, is put a few-line ad in each message
that is sent out. There is an option where the list manager
can pay a nominal fee and the ad's won't appear in the messages
anymore. They mention that once payment is made, it can take
up to two weeks for the request to be processed. Payment has
been submitted for the "no ads" option for theos-talk, and we
should hopefully be -- or soon be -- at a point where there
won't be any ads in the messages.


For list members with web access, one's subscription can be
managed by going to:

At this site, one can read the list archives and access
other list resources.

Many members of egroups have limited Web access, but still 
enjoy using the service via email. Messages intended to go
out to the mailing list are send to:

You can make selections by sending blank emails to the 
following addresses: << subscribe to the list << unsubscribe from the list << put email delivery on hold << get email in daily digest 
mode << get email as individual 

If you have any questions for the manager of the mailing list,
you can write to:


Because theos-talk subscribers are also subscribed to theos-world,
and theos-world has a far larger subscription base, the
"chat room" feature is enabled on theos-world, and there's a link
to take you there from the theos-talk home page. You can go directly
there with:

Right now, you'll probably see no one online. But it might be
interesting sometime to schedule something, as an experiment.


The transition from the majordomo list on, formerly
known as, is complete. The theos-talk (and
hct-l) lists have ended there. Email forwarding is in effect, so
that if someone writes to the old address(es) by mistake, they'll
be redirected to the new lists.

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