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RE: [bn-study] Re: The Occult Brotherhood - its three Centres - still in existence.

Oct 03, 2000 02:56 PM
by Dallas Tenbroeck

As far as I know it makes no difference in theosophy whether one
many be designated in some way exoterically. The whole aim of
Theosophy is to study the laws of Nature and their interaction
through living human and other beings such as the MONADS which
are fundamental to all evolution. ]

As such, then, exoteric designations have no real or continuing
meaning or any significant value.

To try to analyse and deal with them is purely a lower-manasic
exercise in speculative futility. As far as I can see this has
little continuing value.

Best wishes,


D. T. B.

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From: Bruce F. MacDonald []
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2000 7:16 PM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: The Occult Brotherhood - its three
Centres - still in existence.

You write, in this long discussion of whether HPB was
Buddhist or not:

"HPB says she and the Adepts belong to that very
'Wisdom-Religion'. Its full
Knowledge, in the safe keeping of the "Adepts of the Sanctuary",
"carefully preserved" yet mostly hidden from the world at this
time. It is
that 'Lake of Wisdom' referred to above. Only a fragment
(cupful), whether
esoteric or exoteric, is given out at any one time and in any one
and that includes Buddhism."

Part of the mystery of this whole matter is that this
secret knowledge is
within each one of us, since we have all come from the Divine
Impulse, are
Monads which incorporate the All and through Atma/Buddhi contain
knowledge. So the "Sanctuary" is also our inmost being which is
at one
with the All. Our Higher Self is an "Adept of the Sanctuary,"
but can let
out only just as much as we can perceive at any one stage of our
development. In that sense we are all drawing cups of that water
Wisdom, but different cups, depending on our capacity.
Also, if we look a bit farther into the matter we can see
that there are
the three Brotherhoods of Adepts you speak of, but also there are
the three
centers of esoteric wisdom which are present in the triune nature
humanity -- that is, in the spiritual geography of the human
being there is
the wisdom of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Spirit: or in
sense, of Atma/Buddhi, of Manas and of the lower centers, the
highest of
which is the Heart which is the highest wisdom of the embodied,
state, which is advanced cases becomes united with the upper two.
In this sense Theosophy, or the Ancient Wisdom, is
represented in all
religious and philosophical traditions which help to elucidate
the triune
nature of humanity and to preserve and at the same time reveal
some more of
the hidden meaning of the "Sanctuary." Or as a recent quote in
puts it:
""The doctrine of man's triune nature is as clearly
defined in the
Hermetic books as it is in Plato's system, or again in that of
Buddhist and Brahmanical philosophies. And this is one of the
important as well as least understood of the doctrines of
science." Isis Unveiled, vol. II, p. 362.
So the mystery which we have to unravel is not whether
Theosophy is
located in a particular manifested religious tradition but that
WE are
expressions of the spiritual geography of which the Masters
Peace, Bruce MacD

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