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Re: Theos-World little gray man....or hot alien boys??

Oct 05, 2000 08:33 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Dear Estella,

You have just got to check out The Society for Scientific Exploration's
webpage. See precious e-mail to you. The society has alot of cute guys.
Who knows some of them might be aliens! We have a young scientist's program
run by Brenda Dunne from Princeton. But you might have to be "de-goofied" a
bit before you will quality to take your place amongst the very serious
scientists as they study the possibilities of turning our computers on and
off using only our minds! The de-goofy proceedure doesn't hurt much, they
say. You have to look at U.S. Internal Revenue Tax Audits for several
months. That'll sober you up a bit. It's worth it. You'll do better


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> By the way, does anyone seen the american tv serie "Roswell"? Isn't the
> main guy hot?? I love that show!!
> So, thinking on the matter, Anyone here has ever tought of the
> posibility of life in other planets?? Is the UFO conspiracy a hoax?? do
> the aliens look like little gray men, or they look like us, or both??
> Do the aliens accustom to brush their teeth??? And if they look like
> us, are they handsome????
> So many questions, so little answers.....
> Estrella :-p~

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