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A groovy journey/time of a lifetime

Oct 04, 2000 08:40 PM
by Estrella

Hey penpals, It's the secound time i write to this list, hehe.

I am a young girl who sympatizes in these matters related to theosophy,
as the ideals, toughts, "wierd occult matters" and, best of all, a way
of meeting friends from all countries and beyond.

Finnally!! after a lifetime of struggle, i'm about to finish my bachelor
and soon I will be free. The world waits me.

I have been offered the oportunity of a lifetime: going and travel to
Europe. probably i will go to France, Spain, and Britain, although i
would love to go to Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Holland, (I hope i can
"squeeze" the cash)

My main plan, i'll tell you friends, is to meet young pepole as me, with
similar interests, mystic and spacey, groovy and freaky (hahahaha, just
kidding.... or no, why not??)

Any cool (And cute) kids are welcome, he.

By the way, I'm from México. so, is more like an interchange of
cultures, no?? I'm trying to find some work there, or some interesting
courses there (French, cooking- cooking French!! - kung-fu, YOU NAME
IT!!! ) If someone can tell me of some good schools, or scolarships, it
would be super!!!

I also like to read, write (I'm about to finish a novel, plus another
couple of books) listen to music, draw, and have friends, specialy if
they are from far and away, the exotic and far away Europe!! he

Anyone that lives on the probably route i'm taking, I would love to
meet. someone from a theosophical branch over there?? Do you need any

Hoping to meet you future friend!!

Yours best,

Your friend

Estrella ;-)

P.S. Obviously, i know spanish, he. some spanish talking pepole here?
P.S.S. Anyone?? feel free to write me.

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