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Re: Theos-World Thesaurus on theosophy

Apr 30, 2000 03:48 PM
by Sergio G. Weigandt

> Dear Peter,
> It's truly wonderful to hear of your project.  I'll be glad to help in any
> way I can.  So please, let me know if I could be of any service to you.
> The classic in this field is, of course, HPB's THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY,
> which you are probably thinking of using as a foundation.  Many years ago,
> I had a Spanish version, the GLOSARIO TEOSOFICO, published by Editorial
> Kier, which has been a major publisher of theosophy-related works for many
> decades, out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I do not know if they still
> publish it. I mention this, because the Spanish edition had many
> additional terms, & was a much larger edition than HPB's.   

Dear Peter,
Try by Editorial Kier in Buenos Aires,

Dear Aryel,
Thank you very much for your work.


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