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Re: Theos-World The Causeless Cause and the First Cause

Apr 30, 2000 03:10 PM
by Eugene Carpenter

I made a mistake, my first mistake ever+ACE-  See the part +ACI-in the beginning.
I've got one absolute to many.  The Absolute is the same as +ACI-In the
Beginning+ACI- according to HPB in her collected writings that refer to
Christianity.  I've corrected the error below the error.  Sorry.

-----Original Message-----
From: Eugene Carpenter
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2000 2:13 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World The Causeless Cause and the First Cause

+AD4-My understanding is
+AD4-1. The empty Logoic Plane, Mahaparanirvana
+AD4-2. The Cosmic Monadic Plane, Paranirvana
+AD4-3. The Cosmic Atmic Plane, Nirvana
+AD4-1. The Plane of the Cosmic Sea of Fire
+AD4-2. The Plane of the Nought, The Circle, The Chakra, The Causeless Cause,
+AD4-Unmoved Mover, the Hidden Deity, Absoluteness, Parabrahm/Mulaprakriti, The
+AD4-Interlude,  Deity resting prior to the next phase of Manifestation.
+AD4-3. The Plane of the Circle with the Central Point, the Plane of the First
+AD4-Cause, the unmanifested but manifesting Logos
+AD4-Then the fourth plane is the plane of quazi-manifestation
+AD4-Then the fith plane is the plane of manifestation, the Word made Flesh.
+AD4-2. Absoluteness
+AD4-3. The Absolute, all possible cosmic thought
+AD4-4. Latent cosmic thought
+AD4-5. Actual cosmic thought

+AD4-2. Absoluteness
+AD4-3. Absolute
+AD4-4. +ACI-In the Beginning was the Word.+ACI-
+AD4-5. +ACI-And the Word was with God.+ACI-
+AD4-6. +ACI-And the Word was God.+ACI-


Correction.  The above should be:

2. Absoluteness
3. Absolute or +ACI-In the Beginning was the Word.+ACI-
4. +ACI-and the Word was with God.+ACI-
5. +ACI-and the Word was God.+ACI-

+AD4-2.Absoluteness, the Causeless Cause
+AD4-3. The First Logos, the First Cause, Brahma(neutral)
+AD4-4. The Second Logos, the quasi-manfested World Soul
+AD4-5. The Third Logos, Brahma(not neutral), the Creator
+AD4-6. The Cosmic Astral
+AD4-7. The Cosmic Physical(in-the-brain consiousness of the Solar Logos)(the
+AD4-pattern repeats for the seven subplanes, the solar system planes, our
+AD4-metaphysical planes.  The microcosm corresponds to the macrocosm.

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