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Re: Theos-World Re: Aryel Sanat on "Leadbeater's problem"

Apr 30, 2000 05:06 PM

In a message dated 4/29/00 4:04:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Leon Maurer,

It is blatantly obvious that you have not read my book.  What I said in the 
e-mail you referred to is a much abstracted version of what is explained more 
thoroughly in the book.  You make the assumption, made by so very many, that 
in these matters mere OPINION is sufficient, and that one need not refer to 
any facts or evidence for such opinions.  That, incidentally, is a major 
factor in the Tower of Babel that has existed regarding esoteric teachings, 
for much too long.  In my work, I refer explicitly to facts & evidence, and 
have very little use for OPINION, unless it is informed by credible facts & 
evidence.  Since you offer none of these in your comments, there is nothing 
more to say, until & unless you come up with facts & evidence to support what 
you say.  Please quote specific things I have said in the book, & show 
exactly why you think I am mistaken.  I would sincerely appreciate that very 
much, because this is not my personal work.  It is a work intended for all of 
us, & it implies the willingness of all participants to engage in 
TRANSFORMATION, INITIATION, rather than in purely conceptual (& therefore 
exoteric) BROMIDES.
In my book, I explain WHY I say that CWL created a unique manner of speaking 
& conceptualizing, that had never been used before in history.  I stand by 
that statement for reasons very carefully given in the book, & which have 
been researched meticulously for almost 40 years.  But your comments imply 
you have not read that, so I am afraid you do not know whereof you speak.
I am very happy for you, that you have such an impressive pedigree in these 
studies, & that you have pursued them for so long.  Unfortunately, without 
facts & evidence in this instance (as in any other regarding anything 
genuinely esoteric), that is not of any help at all, to any of us, and most 
especially to you.
If you can show, by referring specifically to exactly where, how, & why you 
feel I am "entirely wrong" about this, we can begin a dialogue.  Otherwise, 
we'd be parroting to each other things we have MERELY READ somewhere, or that 
is MERELY OUR UNQUESTIONED CONDITIONING.  And that, I'm afraid, is the first 
thing that needs to go, before there can be any study of theosophy, as is 
very carefully explained & documented (with quotes from HPB & her teachers) 
in my work.
If & when you are ready for such a deeper discussion, I'll be here.
In extremely good cheer,

<< You are entirely wrong about this, and possibly could very well be wrong 
 every other conclusion you made about the natures of both Leadbeater and 
 I have been a theosophist (in the sense of understanding its fundamental 
 teachings) for most of my life -- my father, as my grandfather, great 
 grandfather, and earlier ancestors, were artists, freemasons, kabbalists, 
 alchemists, and essentially, theosophists)   I learned the basic truths 
 I later had to become initiated in by self devised study and efforts) "from 
 my father, who is now in Heaven," as Jesus is purported as saying.  It 
 an easy path.  First, I had to become educated in and learn ALL the ways of 
 the world.  And, after that life was fully explored, I began studying the 
 Secret Doctrine over 40 years ago, along with ALLthe fine and applied arts 
 well as their correlations with modern science and high technology.  During 
 that time I have also read works of Leadbeater's and Krishnamurti as well as 
 those of most of the so called magi's, mystics and mavens of equal claims 
 such as Gurdjieff,  Ouspenski, Crowley, and many others.  From this base, I 
 have not found one instance that Leadbeater used any language to decribe the 
 mysteries that weren't used by many other's a thousand times before, 
 including the writings of HPB.  There is no doubt that that both Leadbeater 
 and Krishnamurti were advanced beings somewhere along the path, as was 
  But to put any one of them on a pedestal, and to argue from little 
 of their inner souls and their karmic legacies, that they had certain powers 
 or had a correct teaching or pointed to a particular path that was or is the 
 ONLY right path -- is the height of hubris stemming from the depths of 
 ignorance.  As is well known in occult circles, evidence from written or 
 verbal documentation, has no validity whatsoever.  As far as I'm concerned, 
 while many truths are to be found and correlated from the records of all the 
 great Masters and their "telephones" or messengers, all if it should be 
 with a grain of salt, until they are tested and verified for oneself, by 
 first learning ALL the metaphysical truths and their correlations, while 
 simultaneously practicing any path of yoga that leads to the experience of 
 all seven fold levels of consciousness. As Buddha said, and has been 
 demonstrated by Those Masters who have followed him, "there are may paths to 
 enlightenment" -- as there are many different lines of karmic experience.  
 Each one has to find his own path.  And, except for HPB who explained and 
 pointed to every path, all those who say they ar the way, light and the 
 are only for those who have rightly chosen to follow them.  For alll 
 lured by the clever words of their disciples, that path may be fraught with 
 danger. >>

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