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Re: Theos-World Re: CWL & Krishnamurti

Apr 27, 2000 04:24 PM
by Dennis Kier

> We have seen comments relating CWL & K. As one interested in both of them,
> the only adverse comment I have seen from K regarding CWL is from a
> correspondence from Mary Lutyens (the biographer of unquestioned
> to Gregory Tillett and the latter's interview with her in 8/1979.
> Tillett writes:
> "To Mary Lutyens, when told about this biography and asked for his
> comments, he said simply: "Leadbeater was evil", and refused to discuss
> matter further beyond the comment that he found even thinking of him, or
> hearing his name, distasteful."
> I am pointing this quote so that the reader can make his or her own mind
> this issue.

The quote is unclear. Was this Miss Lutyens' opinion, or was she quoting
Krishnamurti? If it was the comment from K, did she comment about what year,
or time period it was that the matter was brought up.

As I understood it, at one time they were at odds, and then later on, they
met in person, and were polite if not actually friendly toward each other.

The word "evil" means a lot of various things, depending on context. I
suppose that you, as am I, are wondering what the context was, and what
degree of disapproval he was signaling. Maybe he was having a bad day, or
stressed out in his fight with Rajagopal for control of the Foundation when
asked about it. The context when it was said would be interesting to know.

Would it be his opinion as regards to "moraly", "spiritually", or what
context, assuming it was the opinion of K, and not Mary.

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