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Re: Theos-World Re: CWL & Krishnamurti

Apr 27, 2000 07:31 PM
by M K Ramadoss

All good points. All the information I have seen is from Tillett's book. I
think the primary source, Mary Luyens who lived in London recently died. So
we may have dead end as far as gettin further information.

Litigation regarding the K Trusts is very interesting. The Trustees of the
K Trust (who I believe were members of TS) were on the other side of the
litigation and a lot of Trust money were wasted on lawyers however legit
the expenses were. That is another story.

At 11:40 AM 04/27/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>> We have seen comments relating CWL & K. As one interested in both of them,
>> the only adverse comment I have seen from K regarding CWL is from a
>> correspondence from Mary Lutyens (the biographer of unquestioned
>> to Gregory Tillett and the latter's interview with her in 8/1979.
>> Tillett writes:
>> "To Mary Lutyens, when told about this biography and asked for his
>> comments, he said simply: "Leadbeater was evil", and refused to discuss
>> matter further beyond the comment that he found even thinking of him, or
>> hearing his name, distasteful."
>> I am pointing this quote so that the reader can make his or her own mind
>> this issue.
>The quote is unclear. Was this Miss Lutyens' opinion, or was she quoting
>Krishnamurti? If it was the comment from K, did she comment about what year,
>or time period it was that the matter was brought up.
>As I understood it, at one time they were at odds, and then later on, they
>met in person, and were polite if not actually friendly toward each other.
>The word "evil" means a lot of various things, depending on context. I
>suppose that you, as am I, are wondering what the context was, and what
>degree of disapproval he was signaling. Maybe he was having a bad day, or
>stressed out in his fight with Rajagopal for control of the Foundation when
>asked about it. The context when it was said would be interesting to know.
>Would it be his opinion as regards to "moraly", "spiritually", or what
>context, assuming it was the opinion of K, and not Mary.
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