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Apr 27, 2000 10:55 AM
by Eugene Carpenter


Great.  I've read all of HPB's Texts except her fiction.  I've read the
Secret Doctrine many times concentrating on the first four stanzas with the
aid of Transactions at Blav. Lodge.

I have compiled a compilation of quotes from many sources, mainly from HPB,
concerning Parabrahm and am absolutely fascinated with Sunyata and Zero
reading everything I can find about Zero and it's role in Philosophy and

I meditate as best I can about 3 to 4 hours a day and know that I need about
5 hours a day.

I'm a dad and householder and I work as one of the medical examiners at the
L.A. Coroner's office.

I have also studied Alice Bailey since 1972 and studied formally for five
years with Robert Gerard, Ph.D. and have been part of his meditation group
since 1978.  We meet each month for three hours.  Our purpose is to
introduce esoteric ideas into the academic and intellectual communities so I
am concentrating on esoteric healing and will introduce such ideas into the
mainstream to the best of my ability.  I love the idea of group work and
group consciousness and will sacrifice a lot of personal stuff to be a good
team player.

I owe HPB and her group and Alice Bailey my contemplative and active life
and I hope to demonstrate my deep gratitude through hard work for theosophy
and neo-theosophy.

I play improvisational piano and have just started to play for the public
again, last time during college back in the late sixties.

I've enjoyed reading ya'll stuff on theos-talk, and I'm on the lookout for
anything concerning finding truth through deduction and buddhic-intuition
with deduction beginning and ending with the self-evident truth.

I'm helping a mathematician and esoteric student and his family survive in
Moscow funding his work in the esoteric foundations of Mathematics(genesis)
and there will soon be a web page on that subject that I can brag about.
I'll never top Leon, however, smile. (And what a superb and excellent horn
he blows, wonderful.)  I'm thinking that the first three planes of any set
of seven planes corresponds to the first three sets of set-theory and the
other four are simply the permutations of these primary three.  I think I
can irritate the hell out of mathematicians and show them that pure
mathematics is about as close as one can get to esoteric philosophic roots.
And, finally, I love this, that HPB wrote:(I paraphrase)

If one understands the philosophy of Leibniz and the philosophy of Spinoza
and harmonizes the conflicts between these two philosophers one has the
whole of the spirit of esoteric philosophy.  (And she goes on to write that
Spinoza is a subjective Pantheist and Leibniz is an objective Pantheist.)

It is this last paragraph that states the challange to theosophy in our time
if one wishes bridge the apparent gap between esoteric philosophy and
western science.
I've no training in philosophy or mathematics, except the basics, but I can
cheerlead others into getting this job done.  Let's harmonize the conflicts
between Leibniz and Spinoza and thereby have a philosophy that can harmonize
the conflicts between our transpersonal souls and our personalities.  Let's
let the world know, loud and clear, and in their own language, that HPB is
the greatest source of information about Life that the world as seen for
hundreds of years.  The moment has come.  Thanks so much for your hard work.


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>Dear Eugene
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>Please let us know what books you are familiar with and what
>areas of study engage your attention.
>Also, Have you any specific questions?
>Best wishes,
>D T B
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>I would really like to be part of this discussion group.  I've
>theosophy since 1972, intensely.  I need your input.
>However, whenever I write something to you only the headers get
>through or
>nothing gets through, and I get a note that there are too many
>Someone have mercy on me and tell me what I might do to get a
>through to you.  This message may not get through.  If it
>doesn't, I'll
>write a letter.  I really will.  I'm not kidding; envelope,
>stamp, going out
>the the mailbox and such, the works.  I'm sorry, but I'm getting
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