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Re: Theos-World RE: DTB = F ? Re: Joe and Dallas on Mrs. Katherine Tingley and her relationship to William Q. Judge

Apr 18, 2000 04:22 PM
by Dennis Kier

> ------------------------------------------------------
> FR Also, that KT has had the same tulku powers as Judge and that
> they worked together in esoteric matters.
> DTB Where, and who says this ?  What are "tulku" powers ?
> ---------------------------------------------------

I have been discussing TULKU with you, as in the book H.P.BLAVATSKY, TIBET &
TULKU for a few months now. Do you suppose those are what he is talking

I am rather new to the Judge branch of the Theosophical Movement. Did Judge
exhibit any evidence of multiple personalities as an adult? That would be
the outer evidence (to a layman) of Tulku abilities.

I have read that Judge, as a small child got quite ill in Ireland, and when
he awoke from a coma, he exhibited a change in personality, and showed a
great interest in reading mystical and occult books, when he had not known
how to read when he got sick. But the sentence above suggests a "tulku"
tendency as an adult. I would like to know more about this, and just exactly
what talents he had that Mrs. Tingley also had.

> FR Her co-workers confirmed as witnesses that she was in direct
> connection with the Masters.
> DTB Where is this said ?
> ---------------------------------------------

--and what did they see or understand that would cause them to believe that
she was in contact with them?  I know Leadbeater and Besant were in touch
with them. That makes me wonder if the Masters had some confidence that the
Judge branch would be doing the work of the three "Objects" of Their society
at that time as well.

I note the third Object is - [from THE QUEST Magazine]- To investigate
unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity. Tulku
certainly would fall in that Object.


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