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Re: [Fwd: Theos-World Leadbeater and Steiner's problem]

Apr 17, 2000 01:25 PM
by ernesto

Hello everybody:

There are many interesting things about the topic of Leadbeater´s problem.

First, I had heard that A. Bessant said Krishnamurti was the reincarnation of Christus.  Now I hear that it was not what she said.   I would like to know wich is the source of the information about what Annie Bessant really said.

Second, Leabeater´s clairvoyance seems to be a delicated matter  ... exactly as if it where a matter of something like faith.  Let me understand this thing better, by making a question:

It is also said that Rudolf Steiner was a clairvoyant, and it is known that he didn´t make Leadbeater´s mistake about Krishnamurti.

(By the way, I don´t understand why Dennis say it is true that K. was not master Maitreya 'most of the time´, when the same K. -as I understand- said completely different things:1) that TS made a mistake about him, and 2) that we must not follow any master.  Dennis, I'd like you make me understand what you said).

It is also known that Rudolf Steiner had different teachings about the other planes, and the same Masters.  So, what kind of reason do we have to believe in CWL´s clairvoyance instead of Steiner´s one?.

It makes me think about something: one of us said K. thought CWL was temporarily clairvoyant.  What does that mean exactly?  Did K. say if CWL could really see our astral and two mental bodies? May be he he didn´t talk about that exactly.

This is a possibility we are not considering: that CWL had real and pure clairvoyance in a minor degree than he (CWL) thought.  How can we be sure about the real grade and perfection of his clairvoyance?  And if we can´t be sure about that, except by faith, why should we have to believe what he says instead of what Steiner taught?


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