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Re: [Fwd: Theos-World Leadbeater and Steiner's problem]

Apr 21, 2000 05:50 PM
by Dennis Kier


It is also said that Rudolf Steiner was a clairvoyant, and it is known that he didnīt make Leadbeaterīs mistake about Krishnamurti.

(By the way, I donīt understand why Dennis say it is true that K. was not master Maitreya 'most of the timeī, when the same K. -as I understand- said completely different things:1) that TS made a mistake about him, and 2) that we must not follow any master.  Dennis, I'd like you make me understand what you said).

I don't know what you have heard, or where you have heard it. I only repeat what I read in the books. I have never met or heard K in person.

Maitreya is a busy executive. He has a lot of things going for him. If he was a human, he wouldn't drive his own car, he would have a driver and car at his disposal. He wouldn't type his own letters, he would have a secretary do it for him.

The other Masters, when they wrote Sinnett, dictated the message to the Chela, and left it to the Chela to compose, transmit, and percipitate it. In most cases they had more important things to do with their time.

K. on the other hand had a relatively simple task, to provide the "vehicle" for the teachings. Dealing with people, travelling, writing and editing the messages sent by Maitreya, running the foundations. Things that would have been a complete waste of valuable time for a CEO of a company.

When the time for a lecture would come, K would get the "vehicle" to the lecture place, and Maitreya would tune in -(get in the drivers seat)- and deliver the message, and then turn things back over to K., and go on about his own business.

I got the Krishnamurti Foundation bulletins for years, and read those at the time, and then as the biographies came out, got those, so I can't say all of the places I got my understanding of the situation.

In addition, the way the overshadowing works seems difficult for some people to grasp. The usuall tradition here in Europe and America seems to be that the body, mind, and soul is 'glued" together and can never be separated. That does not seem to be the case in reality. The conscious self, the "middle self" seems to be able to be dislodged, and go off on its own, like in Astral Travel. At times, it seems to be dislodged permanently, as in an accident where the body is left in a coma. We often hear reports of people while in the operating room, being able to look down from the ceiling and report what went on, and what was said, while the body was being operated on.

The Tibetan and Indian priests and lamas have evidently been able take and use this natural human ability, and use it in another way for their own benefit. They sometimes consciously leave their old and dying body and incarnate in the body of a newborn infant. The continuation of the consciousness of the Dali Lama, and other prominanent High Lamas are said to be done this way.

Judge published in The Path, December, 1894, Vol IX, #9, the description that HPB wrote to her sister about how it felt to her, as the "Vehicle", :

    "Someone comes and envelops me as a misty cloud and all at once pushes me out of myself, and then I am not 'I' anymore -- Helana Petrovna Blavatsky-- but someone else. Someone strong and powerful, born in a totally different region of the world; and as to myself it is almost as if I were asleep, or lying by not quite conscious, -- not in my own body but close by, held only by a thread which ties me to it...."

The thread is what others call the "silver cord" when they talk about Astral Projection.

In another instance, she writes that while living at the Master's compound in Tibet, they put her in a coma for 11 weeks, and she walked around -out-of-the-body, and couldn't figure out why no one would talk with her, and didn't realize that she was no longer occupying her body, similar to the reports of spirits at Seances, who are "earthbound", after they have died, and didn't realize it.

As to the biographies of Krishnamurti, the LIVES IN THE SHADOW WITH J. KRISHNAMURTI, by Radha Rajagopal Sloss is the most sketchy, and leaves things out, but does empahsize her observation of the change that came over K as he was leaving the living quarters and going onto the lecture stage. The "Overshadowing" was a process that she got to know and recognize.

Mary Lutyens wrote a series of books about K, at his request, THE YEARS OF AWAKENING, THE YEARS OF FULFILMENT, and finally, THE OPEN DOOR. K often visited her mother, and stayed at her house, and grew up with K as an honary Uncle.

Pupul Jayakar, an Indian writer and philosopher, wrote one of the best biographies, KRISHNAMURTI, done from an Indian understanding of the process.

The recent THE INNER LIFE OF KRISHNAMURTI by Aryel Sanat is one of the most important one, from my standpoint, in that it collects together all of the references that I picked up over the years about the Overshadowing process, called TULKU in Tibetan, and AVESA in Sanskrit.

Mme Alexandra David-Neel lived as a lama going through Tibet for 14 years meeting people, and taking pictures, and learning more about Buddhism. Mme. ADM subsequently published two famous books, Magic & Mystery in Tibet, and Initiations & Initiates in Tibet, in about 1931.

In both books, the author uses the Tibetan term Tulka to describe the control and take-over of a body by the consciousness of another. These books are now available from Dover Books, of New York.

I hope you will understand what is going on. I doubt that anyone can "MAKE" you understand anything. It seems rather simple to me, but then, I have been putting together the puzzle for more than 50 years.


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