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Theos-World RE: DTB = ML on: Some interesting info about TSA

Mar 27, 2000 05:25 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Mar 27 2000

Dear Martin:

I respond because you used my name (see below).

I've been reading these exchanges -- not participating.  I really
am not interested.  I deplore the publicity, which does nothing
to enhance the public respect for THEOSOPHY.

Are we not all convinced by now that THEOSOPHY is highly
significant?   Is it not important as a philosophy and a way of

To me it is -- as a philosophy -- it is a record of the
investigation of Nature (in many departments) conducted honestly,
impersonally and intelligently by wise and studious members of
mankind.  How can any of us view Theosophy as something that is
limited to the T S alone?

THEOSOPHY is something that is all-inclusive.  The T S has the
responsibility of faithfully exemplifying and promulgating that
great set of teachings.  The problem:  is it a challenge to its
impartial success at doing that?  The process of public exposure,
argument and suspicion, will hardly enhance its value in the
public eye, which is largely unacquainted with its precepts as
well as its history.  They are only attracted to the "excitement,
and the sensation" of the moment.  It is all "kama" and very
little (if any)  "manas" of a higher quality that is seen
operating here.

This record -- THEOSOPHY -- (at least in part) is made plainly
available to us, as never before, in such annals as we have been
able to access of what remains as relicts and fragments of the
earliest literature of the great religions and philosophies of
the world.  The interpretation by the Masters through HPB is
unique as far as I have been able to ascertain.  Look at our
situation in terms of the evolution of our Earth and the mass of
Egos that are involved in Manasic development at this time.

We are a little past the mid-point of the evolutionary cycle --
to get a "bird's eye view" of this, let us look at the SD,  Vol.
I, p. 200 -- the diagram on the left hand side of the page.

WE are currently in the 4th ROUND and on GLOBE "D".  Our race as
there named is  "Aryan - "Noble"  (From which is derived the
modern term: "Iran" meaning "noble" in the Persian language.) It
is the 5th RACE  (treating "race" as a period of 'time.')

The SD speaks repeatedly of the 4th RACE  (named Atlantean) as
being at the actual turning point.  It is important to note that
under the law of REINCARNATION, it is WE who had been in
incarnation in those Atlantean bodies at that time.

Theosophy speaks of our own prior history and the developments in
the Earth that succeeded those times.  We are looking back (using
the Theosophical records as given in ISIS and the SD) over our
own progress. Not everyone will be pleased to agree to this
concept.  But if Theosophy is correct, then it is a fact to keep
in mind.

HPB from the time when ISIS (1877) was written  (Vol. II, pp
98-103) says clearly that the statements made in THEOSOPHY have,
as source, the work done by the universally diffused Secret
Schools.  In the SECRET DOCTRINE (1888) -- ( Vol. I, 272-3) she
briefly traces the presentation being made in modern times to

All her writings present this in one or another way.  They are
coherent and consistent in philosophical intent (and even in
content) -- if one realizes that she is not trying to present us
with the LITERAL "EYE-DOCTRINE" lore alone, but is giving us the
opportunity to perceive how the "surface" teachings and facts,
have far deeper ramifications, and interact invisibly as forces
on the psychic, karmic, evolutionary and spiritual levels of our

Theosophy also, in its modern form, disentangles the mists of
mystery and legend, of myth and tradition, that surround those
early methods of transmitting the same ancient information under
song and legend that would not openly offend the organized
religions of those days.  One can see that there has always been
then, as now, an under-current of teachings that maintains the
ancient traditions in spite of the organized religions and
government rules that tended to destroy them when discovered.
Today Theosophy uses the plain unvarnished (and also) crude
language and expressions derived largely from our current trade
marts and contemporary exchanges.

Those living and active facts of real THEOSOPHY, underlie the
literal and "Eye-doctrine" level of recording (which we all have
to use).  They endeavor to point out to us the interactions that
occur in the invisible levels of the HEART-DOCTRINE.  They invite
us to try to learn and study those.  In this we are our own
laboratory and the rest of the literature is (along with the
whole of nature) the testing ground, through our continued living
in it.

It is an attempt to secure FROM US  a perception of the causal
side of life and living.  As far as possible, she tries to show
us the cause and effect side of our evolutionary progress.  She
uses the records still available to us from many of the most
ancient philosophical and religious sources because they show how
certain great underlying truths were present then, and NOW.

She shows how the "literal" interpretation of texts is liable to
err, if we are not able to see below the surface meaning of the
words used.  This alone is the despair of the antiquarian
"Orientalist" and of those who have made the study of one or
several antique languages and religions their specialty, using
the literal translations (or copies) of such ancient texts as
they may be able to secure.  Wisdom does not lie in such probing,
but in a grasp of the karmic interaction of effect, following
with mathematical precision, their generating cause.

In my esteem:

That which ought to engage our attention is the inclusiveness of
this information and the evident coherence of its nature.  In
itself that is a proof of its value and accuracy.  Note well, we
are not asked to BELIEVE anything, we are asked to do our own
study and research.  We are a group of loosely gathered students
(quite independent, and regardless of institutional
affiliations).  We choose to associate ourselves with others so
that there is mutual as well as personal benefit.   The FOUNDERS
have explained why BROTHERHOOD is the sole (because impersonal)
basis from which all can profit.

Karma will take care of this situation because no motive is left
unattended to in Nature.  This is a MORAL Universe.  We need only
consider that any choice we make impacts Nature. Nature surrounds
us, and we are an integral part of It.  It is said to be a most
sensitive receptor.  Nature and its millions of components
(Monads), being affected by us, accepts the impression, as a
mirror might accept any image, and also, as a mirror will, it
reflects back to the source (ourselves) the results of the image
we have created.  Is this not the source of our instinctive (or
is it intuitional ?) perceptions that anything we say or think or
do will eventually return to us?  Is this why those who do ill,
fear its return to them, and seek in some way to deflect the
accurate return of what they sense is gong to be a future
difficulty they will have to face ?

All I can say looking at what has been posted so far is:  It's a
'can of worms.'  I would not like to be part of it.  Considering
this, I would say:  Had I been incarnated when HPB and Judge were
here, I would have supported them whole-heartedly.  And I would
have supported the T S so long as they had the direction of it.
Since, in recent days, Col. Olcott (and the part that he played
in the T S) has been under discussion  (, I would
say that we have to place his decisions, and the direction that
he gave to the T S, for comparison with the ideals and principles
that Theosophy offers -- and which HPB and Judge carried out to
the admiration of all those who were intimate with them.  The
documents made at that time reflect the wisdom (or otherwise) of
those who made decisions.  We need not judge, merely note, so
that we may learn not to make (today) the same kind of errors

It is THEOSOPHY that has value and not the ORGANIZATION.

It is perfectly true that the Great Master proclaimed that the T
S "was chosen to be the corner-stone of the future religions of
humanity."  That was written over 120 years ago.  That the T S is
this "corner-stone" is true and undeniable.  That the PRESENT T S
continues to be the "corner stone" can be easily decided by the
way in which it is being managed and conducted.  Any impartial
and intelligent person can make that determination.  Clinging to
a "name" and to a "form" is always chancy.  Clinging to a
PRINCIPLE that is impersonal and universal is far more important.
Theosophy does not encourage any form of self-interest.  Nor does
it condone errors.

Historically, we find that HPB had to remind everyone (1889) :
If the T S proved disloyal to the Masters and to the Original
Objects of the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT (which includes all
Theosophical societies, bodies and students)  then she would
leave it.  [ See A PUZZLE FROM ADYAR, written by HPB and
published in LUCIFER, August 1889 -- Vol. 4, p. 506.  (HPB
Articles, Vol. I, p. 219, ULT Edition). ]   This ought to be
taken to heart.  It is a guide to our own attitude.  Do we match
up to it?

To stick with any organization because of its name or ideals (if
those are not carried out in full) is poor logic.  But then, that
is why RELIGIONS flourish.  The ideals are great and the founders
are usually impartial, wise, and disinterested and especially in
regard to service extended to all those who seek TRUTH.  Is the
present "organization" doing that ?

What is done after their (the Founder's) death, to the
organization?  Historically we can see that, usually the fate of
an organization has rested on its succeeding members.  In most
cases we note that there were some who took over the management
who are ambitious for personal recognition or authority.  The
result is, we see a good effort destroyed  by selfish
short-sightedness -- of one kind or another.  Such has been the
history of all the great religions and sects.

I wonder if this will be a basis for reconsidering the matter.  I
think enough has been said.

Best wishes,



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[]On Behalf Of Martin
Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2000 3:31 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Some interesting info about TSA

Dear Ramadoss, Dallas, and other members, if interested,

My opinion in this matter is very simple. And since neither you
nor anyone has
the whole TRUTH it is important to hear the voices of others.
So here is mine:

I agree with you that things have changed. But on compensation
and salaries it
is a good thing.

 As I don't see you leaving all to work for free at headquarters,
and I don't
see myself doing it, I would like too see qualified individuals
getting paid
to do what they love: Theosophy. This world is very different
from the old
1800's and even most part of 1900's.

Do you see  HP Blavatsky today without health care, when cancer
care for a heart attack  is totally unaffordable?

Of course not. That is only one of the many reasons I can come up
with, but I
hope you'll see the reasonableness of providing for workers'
basic needs.

My point is, compensate more, let's have the best at
headquarters.   Basic
salaries/compensation DOES NOT minimize THEOSOPHY.

Your brother,

Martin Leiderman
In West Los Angeles, CA

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