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Re: Theos-World the future of theosophical work

Mar 26, 2000 07:22 PM

I also have to agree with Eldon. When you have a full-time volunteer who is 
not making enough money to exist on, he has to spend time developing other 
interests to help with existence.

In my case, I've been practically a full-time volunteer at a small literacy 
council in northwest arkansas. At one point, I was there over 40 hours per 
week, getting paid about $277 per month net. Even though my "pittance" has 
risen to $360/month, I have had to reduce my total hours to about 32 hours a 
week, because I've taken on some internet telecommuting to supplant that 

There are some people who will say that other part-time work is to be 
expected, but sometimes, the other part-time work makes a difference in that 
person's life, and might further change things. In my case, one of those 
"telecommuting" jobs is approaching full-time, but I'm doing my best not to 
allow it to interfere with keeping the council open, though one of my methods 
is taking time off at the literacy council in order do some of my other work, 
but there in that office, so that it's still open, even though I'm in London.

Hope my rambling makes a little bit of sense. All I'm trying to say is that 
if you've got a full-time volunteer who is not independently wealthy, make 
sure you support them if you want to keep them.

John (my London address)

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