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RE: Theos-World Rich Taylor on a very disturbing issue with far reaching implications

Nov 14, 1999 07:47 AM

Let me add this novice's comments.

1. Either the Adepts who were behind HPB knew the doctrines first hand or not.

2. If if is accepted that They knew them first hand, what she wrote was the
best possible presentation with corroboration from other written material. 

3. Only someone who has first hand knowledge can either confirm or dispute
the doctrines behind what HPB tried to present to the world.

4. We all like to hear such a first hand feedback.


>At 05:03 AM 11/14/1999 -0800, W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
>Nov 13 1999
>	Re:  Rich Taylor 2nd Chapter draft on BN
>		-- Questions & Comments by Dallas TenBroeck
>Dear Daniel
>I quickly read through Rich's posting on BN regarding the 2nd
>chapter (draft) of his thesis.-- and your notes and comments.
>(appended hereto)

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