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Re: Theos-World Spiritual progress ?

Nov 14, 1999 07:36 AM

At 08:26 AM 11/13/1999 +1100, lucio wrote:
> wrote:
>> In a message dated 11/11/99 10:41:17 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>> writes:
>> << At 08:59 AM 11/11/1999 EST, wrote:
>>  >The acceleration evident by the statistics reflect compounding, or
>>  >logarithmic growth of technology,  and a new age(information).  These are
>>  >physical events primarily driven by entrepreneurship.  I don't see
that it
>>  >has anything to do with transformation or evolution of humans.  
>Dear DOSS 
>I would like to coment on the above, but first let me tell you
>I enjoy your coments , and I I usualy kip them for further
>The key here is BALLANCE AND HARMONY but unfortunatly if we
>at our evolution GENETICLY and culturaly we missed the Boat so

Many things genetics or culture cannot explain. Geniuses born in "average"
families and children of geniuses are never genius. Also geniuses are found
across all cultures.

>to say
>as we see that the basic law of harmlessnes is missing almost
>from us

If only humans to understand and make harmless as a way of life, the world
would become a Heaven. The exploitation and the cruelty that we see
committed in the name of religion, patriotism, or any other cause is a
clear example of the lack of consideration of harmlessness. While we cannot
change the world overnight, it is changing. For example there is a trend in
the US that the present generation does not want to go into military. I
have known even veterans not wanting their children to go into military. We
can find other examples.

>It realy looks that our reptilian  brain is holding us back.
>But..... considering that love is the glue of the universe
>nothing is 
>yet lost in the longlong term of our universe.

You are right.

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