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Theos-World RE: Randy to anyone: physical evolution AND PSYCHO-MENTAL EVOLUTION also.

Nov 11, 1999 06:39 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 11

Re;  Evolution, physical, psychic and mental

Dallas offers for consideration:

Get a copy of the SECRET DOCTRINE by HPB and start looking at the
Table of Contents for Vol. 2.

Evolution in the Darwinian sense is only partially supported by
Theosophical teachings as that relates to the physical side of

The Evolution of the psychic and the intellectual aspects has to
be also considered.  This is what the SD does.

The answer is not simple, but requires a study of what is taught
in the SD.

Further the development of the science of Geology is progressing,
and there are many anomalies which ought to be detailed and

The changes in the distribution of Earth's continents and the
cataclysms that have caused those changes ought to be also
considered as historically reported by the ancient School of the
Adepts, which far outdates the last 300 years of our developing
geological and archaeological sciences.
The theory of plate tectonics is not entirely endorsed by
Theosophical doctrines., for reasons given in SD Vol. 2

Any one who has visited ancient monuments in Peru, Cambodia,
China, Mongolia, India, Java, Egypt, Guatemala, and around the
Mediterranean [ the pages and issues of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC over
the past 70 years makes this relatively easy] where the remains
of "cyclopean" structures are still to be seen, knows that there
is ample evidence of civilizations which far anteceded ours and
the small slice of history allowed to us by modern speculations
and hypotheses, which barely exceeds 5,000 years. Further one
finds evidence in those artifacts of a sophistication in
engineering and mathematics, in astronomy and material sciences
that in some cases exceeds even ours today.  We have tried, but
not succeeded in building even a small pyramid.

I find it strange that we place reliance on the soft estimates of
current science and treat them as facts, whereas in reality the
real Professors and authorities at the base of every one of our
Sciences will confess that they are constantly pushing at the
frontiers of discovery.  What are offered to the "average man"
today is theory, and some popular writers treat those as "facts."
The dusty shelves of hundreds of colleges and dozens of museums
are crowded with anomalies that remain to be analyzed and dated.
Much of the so called evidence that has been used to base our
scientific theories of evolution on is fragmentary, and chosen
deliberately to suit the fancy of some one or other of earlier
authorities, whose ideas remain to be fully authenticated.
Hypothesis and theory ought to be honestly labeled.

It only takes a little effort to review the development of
hypothesis over the past 60 years to determine how much has been
the actual dramatic change in terms of additional antiquity that
is assigned to pre-historical relics, artifacts, and concepts.  I
went to school in the 1920-30 period, and I have watched those
changes in the pat 60/70 years.  One need only compare the
articles in ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA on any of our sciences and
their estimates of time and antiquity, as published in that time,
with those of the present to see detailed the changes I speak of.

One ought to become familiar with FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY or THE
HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE by M. Cremo to assure ourselves
of this statement that I make has a fair basis of soundness.



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Does theosophy espouse physical evolution in the neo-Darwinian
sense?  If so,
what is the evidence used to support this?
Thanks, Randy

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