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Re: Theos-World The Next Torch-Bearer

May 18, 1999 05:21 AM
by M K Ramadoss

If we look back 100 years from now, we may have a better feel for who is
the Next Torch Bearer. While this is so, I would like to add:

Anyone interested in Sai Baba should read two books by well known authors
-- Howard Murphet and John Hislop. Both are very reputable and both have
been long time members of TS. The books were written after first hand visit
with Sai Baba in India. So their objectivity cannot be easily questioned.

Recently I found out that D. Rajagopal, the business manager of Jiddu
Krishnamurti, sought help from Sai Baba for his health problems. Rajagopal,
a long time member of TS, is also one of the Apostles announced for the
coming of the World Teacher and many TS leaders at that time considered him
to be an Initiate. His approaching Sai Baba for help should be considered
in this context.

Sai Baba is doing wonderful work in the first object of TS. He has
encouraged his followers to work for the suffering humanity and many have
done so.

As a personal anecdote, when there was a local decision to cut off health
care access to the poor and homeless and uninsured at the local county
facility, I took upon myself to take objection to it before the county
commissioners as well as in the public forum and the only person who
volunteered to come with me and speak up was a devotee of Sai Baba. None of
the local members of TS showed any interest. Fortunately the effort
succeeded and showed that even a single person can make a difference.

Nearly 15 years ago, when the former National Secretary of TSA found out
about Sai Baba, he made a trip to India to personally visit and see for
himself first hand what is going on. He came back with positive feeling
about Sai Baba and his work.

So one should look at all facts and if possible personally visit and get
first hand assessment of Sai Baba.


At 11:57 PM 5/17/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Nick Weeks wrote:
>> Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba has been living and teaching theosophy (small t),
>> and doing eye-catching occult demonstrations, in a public way, since the
>> late 50s.  He seems well qualified to be the Messenger, Torchbearer and
>> Avatar.
>	Not to mention a fraud, very likely a blackmailer, and possibly a
>	As far as fraud goes, his sleight of hand has been spotted many times.
>One time, when his assistant screwed up a pass, it was caught on
>videotape. The assistant was found murdered several days later. Numerous
>ex-members of his group tell about him eliciting confessions from them,
>and later using the information as blackmail against him. (for accounts,
>plus AVI's of the video, use any search engine and look up Sai Baba.
>There are a BUNCH of sites on Yahoo).
>	He claims to be omniscient. To explain his poor speaking and
>understanding of English, he claims that he speaks English perfectly,
>and only pretends not to understand it (!).
>	Bart Lidofsky

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