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Theos-World Fwd: Dalai Lama seeks peace via music

May 18, 1999 09:49 AM

I got this "religion" item in my e-mail, and thought the group would enjoy 
this item. It came from a free publication from <>.

*** Dalai Lama seeks peace via music

NEW DELHI, India (AP) - The Dalai Lama said Monday that he hopes to promote 
peace through sacred music in a series of concerts around the world. "Among 
the many forms in which the human spirit has tried to express its innermost 
yearnings and perceptions, music is perhaps the most universal," the Dalai 
Lama said at a news conference announcing the "World Festival of Sacred 
Music," which will begin Oct. 9 in Los Angeles and continue in several other 
cities. The music festival is aimed at uniting people of different 
nationalities, religions and cultures, he said. It will feature chants by 
Asian Buddhists and Gregorian monks, the earth-worshipping sounds of 
Australian aborigines and the gospel music of black Americans. See
 *** Grand Canyon relocated on new stamp
 WASHINGTON (AP) - The Grand Canyon has been misplaced by the post
 office. A newly printed batch of 60-cent international stamps carry a
 picture of the canyon and, on the bottom of each stamp, the words
 "Grand Canyon, Colorado." The Grand Canyon is actually located in the
 state of Arizona, although it was carved by the Colorado River.
 Postal spokesman Don Smeraldi said the agency currently is in
 discussions with the printer to determine whether the run of 100
 million stamps needs to be reprinted. The stamps were to be put in
 circulation later this year and the error was caught at the printing
 plant. ###

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