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Re: Theos-World Response to Andrew on Population

May 16, 1999 11:28 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Andrew, although I am a fan of G de P, his 100 to 1 ratio is
>not enough to account for the time spent out of incarnation.
>He also said that the average lifetime on Earth was about
>15 years (probably true), and that this meant an average
>between-life-time of 1,500 years.  Of course, this means
>that if we live 80 years, we can expect a between-life-time
>of 8,000 years.  That still doesn't make it, because we
>know very well that 8,000 years ago there were not this
>many people in incarnation.

> What relationship has the length of time between incarnations got to do
> the lifetime of any individual--or even the "average lifetime on Earth"?

Don't believe every poppycock some people are writing here. Reading the
sources it is easy to see what GdeP said. He spoke rather about the
spiritual life of an incarnated individual than of his/her physical life.
And that is quit true. Some people tend to anthroposophisize Theosophy.
Their karma.

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