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Theos-World Vegans and Beer & Wine

May 13, 1999 09:16 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Many theosophists are ethical vegetarians. Many consider drinking beer and
wine ok since they are not animal products. However, I saw the following
which indicates that some animal products may be added during and after
manufacture of beer and wine. 



Ask the Dietitian - Beer and
wine - Vegan or not? 
May 12, 1999 

Q. I heard that wine and beer are not considered vegan. How can
   this be? 

   James / New Hampshire 

A. People who are vegans (VEE gunz) eliminate all animal products
   from their diet. This includes meat, fish, poultry, 
   and foods from these animals, such as eggs, milk and honey.
   The practice also may embrace a way of life that seeks 
   to exclude anything that comes from or which is considered 
   to exploit animals. This includes eliminating
   leather shoes or belts, wool and silk clothing, 
   or any household items tested on animals. 

   Although wine is made mainly from fruits and beer from grains,
   there may be ingredients added that are of animal origin.

   After fermentation, wine and beer may be clarified 
   (made clear) by adding:

   albumin (from eggs or dried blood)

   casein or caseinate (from milk)

   charcoal (some varieties are made from bone)

   gelatin (from bones, skins and tendons)

   isinglass (from swim bladders of fish)

   Sugar that may be added to alcohol may 
   have been whitened with
   bone charcoal. 
   Compari, the Italian aperitif, 
   contains red coloring
   made from a dried Mexican insect.

   To make sure that food, beverages or 
   other products are animal-free,
   you must check with the manufacturer.


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