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Theos-World Living and dead

May 12, 1999 03:16 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 5/12/99 5:39:13 PM, Jerry wrote:

<<There are more people living
 on Earth today than all the dead people throughout
 our history added together. >

and Louis responded

<<The last, unfounded guesswork.  I do not know of ANY scientific study which 
backs that up with evidence.>>

I think it is unfounded, but it is not guesswork.  Jerry is repeating the 
party line of the scientific community, and it is unanimous among 
anthropologists and paleologists that there are more people living today than 
all of humanity's dead throughout history.  There are MANY MANY studies on 
this, and if you give me a few days (it's finals here) I'll find them for 
you.  I responded to Jerry's post, acknowledging that this IS the scientific 
view, but that the view makes assumptions that Theosophists are not confined 


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