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Re: Theos-World K, Annie Besant and Closing of ES

May 11, 1999 06:49 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Louis:

Thanks for your detailed response. Your points are well taken.

While it may be good to forget all the past, except those contributions and
sacrifices made by many for the cause of theosophy as they saw it, what
could be detrimental and discouraging would be for a novice to be surprised
by historical facts. In life, it appears we do not want surprises. Also
historical facts in themselves can contain valuable lessons that a very
perceptive person can pick up. A person who has understood the fundamental
philosophy of theosophy will have such a strong foundation that nothing can
shake that person's confidence in the good that theosophy can do to Humanity.


At 08:12 AM 5/11/1999 EDT, wrote:
>In a message dated 5/8/99 6:30:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
><< The fact of the matter is that historical matters relating to TS cannot be
> ignored. >>
>The only problem with this Doss, is all the baggage that comes with it. It 
>seems that we have not developed to the point where we can study history to 
>just learn from it and still remain neutral enough to be able to respond to 
>the present without the undue influences of old biases and old agenda's.
><<This is especially true of newer recruits to theosophy and TS.>>
>Maybe we should take our cue from a lesson that the incarnation experience 
>teaches us. There must be a reason that we do not incarnate with our 
>historical memories intact, don't you think? Could cosmic order be telling
>that in order to get an absolutely pure response to the karmic effects that 
>come with each moment, that it is better if we DO NOT have access to older 
>memories and agendas? Perhaps we are better served creatively, by new 
>recruits, if they were not burdened with the tough and murky path from which 
>we have come. 
><<K and the history of TS are intertwined.>>
>But maybe it is time to unwind it, When I was at Krotona, one could not help 
>but get an undercurrent of betrayal as perceived by the Adyar
>regarding the Krishnamurti connection to theosophy. And when I would attend 
>K's lectures in the grove, one could not help getting a sense of wrongdoing 
>to K, when the people from his compound knew you were asking questions as a 
>visitor from Krotona/Adyar
>Doss, my point is, though some historical knowledge is necessary and even 
>unavoidable. Until we have developed our intuitive capacities to see truth 
>more directly, or evolved to the point where we can remain detached from 
>identifying with one side over the other, (especially while we cannot see 
>truth directly) then, if we must teach history, let us do so lightly. With 
>much emphasis on the fact that NONE of the eye witnesses or principals of a 
>particular historical narrative are alive and all the rest is for the most 
>part an intellectual exercise. Much like circumstantial evidence in our
>rooms, it can be made to wear a lot of faces.
>In many ways our historical bias can be very subtle and reach people 
>(especially newcomer) in various ways and on many levels. Judging from all 
>the back and forth over details on this list, I am not sure that any but the 
>seasoned veterans of theosophical disputes, win out. Let everyone enter 
>theosophy where they find it and follow it with whatever equipment they
>with them. For some, that will mean some history will be important, for 
>other's the LACK of history will bring them face to face with currently 
>emerging LIVING theosophy. although it is the ANCIENT WISDOM they will be 
>facing they will be facing it with the unburdened, uninfluenced enthusiasm
>original SELF. That can be a "good thing"

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